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Welcome, I’m Scarlett Vespa aka ‘Mrs V’.

My own path has been one of radical transformation, achieved by accepting every part of myself, including those I was uneasy with. This acceptance helped me cultivate a deep trust in myself and the journey of life, acknowledging that my soul has its own plan. Taking full responsibility for my life was the key to reclaiming my power, because creativity isn’t just about possessing certain talents; it’s about recognising your innate creative potential and allowing yourself the freedom to explore it. It means giving yourself room to experiment, to embrace both the void and the truth, and to observe what emerges from this space.

My gift lies in seeing your utmost potential, clearing away anything that keeps you stuck, so you can recognise, embrace and transform your own strengths and capabilities into the superpower of you. Feeling free to reach your North Star will feel a natural and inevitable goal. If you are curious about what ‘Radical transformation’ entails, it starts with…

Radical Self-Love

Radical Responsibility

Radical Truth

My passion for spiritual growth has led me to learning how to master and embrace ‘Radical Transformation’. Change is inevitable but growth is optional and I know that the only way to reach your goals is by knowing how to navigate the natural flow of your evolution.

My background as a branding expert and content creator, gives me a unique lens of understanding how to work with your spiritual self and the everyday expression of your soul. Challenges approach us with a gift of expanding our consciousness and bringing greater light into our lives, knowing how to transmute and transform through them is where I can help. My art, writing and music give my spiritual gifts a platform to heal, inspire and guide the lives of others – I am blessed to be able to live a life I love and I’m here to help you do the same.

If you are ready for a radical transformation, then you can start here. You can book to do Transformation Work with me, browse the content as all the images, words and art will shift and heal your energy. So thank you for being here and sending you love and sparkle xo.


25-Years in Media and Advertising

Throughout my 25-year career in media and advertising, I’ve worked with Hollywood icons like Nicole Kidman and Jack Thompson. As one of Australia’s first female TVC Directors, I collaborated with renowned brands such as Disney, David Jones, and Westfield. After generating millions in revenue as head of Broadcast for the Commonwealth Bank, I left the corporate world to follow my true passion.


On my journey of self-discovery and overcoming challenges, I completed three levels of mediumship training with a distinguished psychic, became a Pleiadian Lightwork Practitioner, and studied Shamanism under a respected teacher.

Spiritual Qualifications:

Teaching in Buddhism by Rinpoche

Teaching in Shamanism by Antony Harvey

Certified Psychic & Medium Foundation Course, Intermediate & Advanced by Susan Bond

Pleiadian Lightwork Initiation by Alchemy Academy

Witchcraft & Magick by Linda Rauch

Psychic & Medium by Linda Rauch

Tarot Course by Paul Fenton

Tarot Course by Lina Rauch

Diploma on Alchemy by Academy for Centre of Excellence

Diploma in Astrology by Academy for Centre of Excellence