Alchemy Guide

aligning yourself for success

A Guide to the Alchemy of Mind, Body & Spirit.

I started the AGERICH movement back in 2016, when I saw the inequality and ageism in the media and the workplace. I created ‘The Style of Mrs V’ platform & the ‘Mrs V Shift’ Events, an initiative to shine a spotlight on being more age positive and supporting working women. I am passionate about learning to live a more holistic life in order to manage the challenges that arise from ageism & the today’s pressures to ‘soldier on’.

Now, after 5 years of living the life of an entrepreneur and building a successful digital and marketing agency, I want to further help women and men shine through AGERICH & this Alchemy Guide for any age at any stage in life!

So now you have the back story, this is why this Alchemy Guide is so important. It’s the very foundation of my personal and business success AND I want to share it with you.

“Our Work is the modern day rite-of-passage, it's how we learn and grow - embrace the journey.”

It all starts with your thoughts and a part of your mind now is just skipping over and saying ‘yes, yes’, can I just stop you now. 


That’s the work, stopping and regrouping, stopping and looking at what you ARE thinking. Are you locked into a pattern of worry vs intention, it’s so important to be fully conscious about what YOU do.

I have shared my part of my ABUNDANCE MINDSET course with you below. It’s about creating an abundant mindset and you do this by being aware of what you want and clearing any potential blocks.

We’ve all been in lockdown where how you looked seemed to be furthest from the agenda. Now, freedom is upon us, it’s important to look and feel good for your personal brand and to help you LOOK and FEEL good!

Below is what I have created to check in on your personal brand, what colours mean to make sure you are communicating your brand story!

Our spirit is the foundation in which all else flows through. It holds the key to understanding your purpose, your tools for life and brings things together to create the ‘magic’. To find success, you need only look at your blocks, then the road is clear to receive what you most desire. Below is my guided mediation including a separate intro as well. Enjoy. 

I wanted to share my go to software I use for all my branding, stock imagery, design etc.  These are my go to for my own work and with my clients.