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Article: Finding Your Inner Child

Finding Your Inner Child

I used to be a poet, writing songs & slaying dragons in the dark
My world was fearless, a brightly burning candle lit by an ever ready spark.
Tales were told where time stood still,  where my painted horse would save the day
I don’t know where the key to me is, I pray one day I may.
My thoughts were free and wild that spoke to me of castles in the air
My words were old, older than a child, but too young to care.

I long to meet her once again, oh how I’ve missed your smile
Your confidence was blinding, like a bride who dances down the aisle.
The mystery of the girl, who’s stories sing of hope
But if you try to catch them you’ll slide that slippery slope.

How I’ve missed the entertainer, the girl that was so free
No thought about the good, the bad, just the vision of what could be.
She sailed into clouds of angels and waved at mermaids without fear
The winds laughed as they held her close & whispered in her ear.
They told the birds to guide her while she rides the moon above
And soon she’ll find the land she seeks built on truth and love.
I feel her now, there is no door, just the pain that’s slightly raw
It is a heart expressed of all that is & all that is no more.

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It’s Not About the Money

It’s Not About the Money

It’s not about the money, I told myself each dayI closed my eyes and searched inside to find a place to stay.It is about the money, my back would scream at meThe rent is due, the options few, I do...

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The Veil is Lifting

The Veil is Lifting

Do I need my pain to feel or is it just what makes me real.The messages are mixed today, the words float in and fade away.Perhaps I don’t read enough but there is too much to do.I long to learn ab...

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