Today small businesses face a challenging future with so many changes in the digital space, especially in social media with algorithms putting constant pressure on your marketing strategies. My experience about entrepreneurs and small business lends itself to being able to bring to life an idea you may have for a business or indeed wanting to take your business to the next level. Creating unique and engaging content requires greater clarity of brand and message and I believe that my branding process does just that.

Our businesses all have a story and my job is to bring that story to life in your brand and message, a point of difference that will express itself across all the mediums such as your website, video or photography, whether it be for brand or editorial content. Fortunately my extensive and diverse experience, allows me to create quality content that will suit most small business budgets.

Brand Consultations

Let me help you find direction and clarity with your message and brand story.


Are you ready to ignite the power of your business? Uncover the hidden treasure of your business and turn your brand into gold.

I'll start with identifying where you are at, what are your business goals, your fears, your obstacles and look at what you DON’T know – this is my favourite part, as this is where we find your ‘gold’ in what you have created. Once we know the essence of your brand and vision, we work on creating a message and offering that is clear and engaging. Nothing will work unless you have that brand articulation, which is needed to express itself in the written and visual language of your brand assets, such as your website and video.

Website + Logo

Unlock your brand and bring it to life.

I know how important it is today to have a website that is unique and authentic.  I create websites that are completely unique to the brand, my logos can be as simple or as detailed as we feel is required. There are ranges of website platforms I can work with to suit the needs of your brand and your life demands.


Video + Stills

Brand Videos, Digital Content + Photography


A photograph says a 1000 words, showcasing your product or services in the best light and then with a video to inform your audience on how it works or what's great about your services, will close the deal. My process of creating digital assets for clients has been formed from over 20 years of working with top Australian brands. I LOVE being able to offer this quality service to my clients and being able to create an authentic and engaging video.



As a CEO trust is important and Scarlett’s branding method is skilled, using her vast knowledge and experience in branding and social media. There is a distinctive point of difference and that is the way she uses her intuition to navigate every part of the process. Her video directing is amazing, she enabled me to be authentic, confident as I communicated my message.I loved the process and highly recommend her to any leader or CEO looking to stay ahead of future trends, work with Scarlett to take you to that next level.

Tracy Howe

Scarlett is truly gifted in the area of personal and business branding, she has an innate ability to discover the essence of the brand, establish the target market and create a beautiful solution that stands out. She delivered on all her promises and when you discover her many creative talents, the more extraordinary the result for your brand

Josephine Corcoran

Holistic Executive Coach
I absolutely had a shift. I realised that I have focused so much on my career, my family and my relationships over the years, that whilst I have been telling myself it is time to do things for me , I haven’t been doing it right! The day gave me clarity, and refreshed me for my business and life.

Jane Simpson

Your warmth and your gifted intuitive insight helped me to define my direction and ignited trust and belief in self and my path. I walked away with new excitement and understanding with where I am at, also with constructive tools, gorgeous crystals for support and your wise insightful gold nuggets. I feel uplifted with fresh hope and clarity as I continue my life journey

Charmion Toltz

I felt a big shift and change coming but yet I could never grasp it until I met Scarlett. Her insight, intuition and warm approach made me believe in myself and want to embark on this journey of self discovery and growth on a much deeper level than I had imagined. Thank you Scarlett for making me face my barriers and challenges and inspiring me to embrace the shift that is to come. The best is yet to come.

Rita D.

Account Director
Scarlett took the time to understand who I am and to say that i thoroughly enjoyed the process is a massive understatement. Scarlett is extremely passionate about her work and a way of putting you at ease whilst helping to create, shape and define your brand. she has been a very positive influence on my journey and reminded me to believe in myself. Thank you Scarlett!

Louise Burton

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