Clearing Remedy

Clearing Remedy

your step by step process

Abundance Alchemy Session

Clear Your Energy, Release the old & feel Free!


If you are feeling like you have some ‘bad’ energy around you and things keep going wrong as well, , then Mrs V’s ‘Clear & Protect Remedy’ Session is just what the universe ordered! Mrs V is a the master ‘clearer’ and in one session will remove the negativity you may be experiencing and then show you how to protect yourself from the world. 

So congratulations on taking the step on getting your Remedy Kit!

The Alchemy of Freedom


When we feel heavy, blocked and everything just feels hard, we often instinctually know that we need a clearing. Mrs V can identify where it’s come from and remove it in the session and show you how to release and protect yourself moving forward.

My Clearing Remedy Kit is designed to…

Bring lightness to everyday life
Reveal the underlying issue to heal it
Shift from negative to positive energy
Inspire you to feel good
Increase financial flow
Feeling happier & joyous
Attract positive situations
Daily protection
Shift your business into a more positive position 
Release negative energies
Feel greater self love
Gain great confidence

How Does the Alchemy Clearing Kit Work?

Each Kit has been designed to ignite the healing of its focus, in this case FREEDOM! There are 7 steps to take in order to complete the process. It will take 7 days, so make sure you allow yourself the right time to start AND if you can’t find the time, don’t let that be a block, just start anyway! And here’s the best bit, from the moment you bought the kit, it’s been working! Yes the quantum field is magical in the most scientific way. 

Below are the steps and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

An Introduction from Mrs V

My introduction to how the Remedy Kit works, how to set yourself up, what to expect and how to make the most out of your Remedy!

The Meditation Audio Version by Mrs V

If you would like to sit back and let me take you through the remedy, then use this audio version OR below are all the written steps!

Step 1 - Setting Up & Ingredients

Find a spot that feels comfortable, safe and where you will be uninterrupted. Make sure you feel supported and you have a space for the items you need for the remedy in front of you. You can sit at a table or if you are on the floor, have a tray or flat area in front so you can place your items.

#1  Your Clearing Obsidian Crystals Candle 
#2  Your Clearing Aquamarine Crystals Oil & Gold Foil Roller
#3  Your Black Abalone Shell & Sage Stick
#4  A glass of filtered Water
#5  A unique crystal for you in your Remedy Kit
#6  A unique AGERICH Oracle Card drawn just for you
#7  Pen, Paper (or note book) & phone to listen to meditation


Step 2 - Measuring the Change

Take your pen and paper and write down 3 things you are feeling now in regards to your block or challenging relationship to feeling clear, light or free. It could just be a feeling, or it could be a ‘what happened’ story – write down whatever will help you connect with what we are shifting.

Step 3 - Finding Your intention

Take a moment to be in the space you have created and take 3 deep breathes with your eyes closed and feel all parts of your body – take your time. Feel the space around you, notice in your minds eye the ingredients and thank all the items for taking part of this remedy.
Write down what your intention is on the piece of paper (or note book), this will remain the same for 7 days, as you repeat this process everyday.

Step 4 - The Ritual

#1  Light the candle and say:
‘I ignite the cleansing light to cleanse and clear all parts of myself right now’

#2  Roll some oil inside your wrists and hold your hands out palm up and say: 
‘I feel the release of all that does not belong to me and my body gets lighter and lighter’

#3  Take the sage stick and light it over the abalone shell, hold it in front of you and create a circle in the air clockwise 3 times and say:
‘I clear the energies around me and in me, I release all that does not belong to me.’ (stamp out sage and place on shell)
*** Please be careful, ensure the sage is out and no singes have fallen.

#4 Place your unique crystal into the glass of water and take 1 sip from the glass and say:
‘This water purifies my body, mind and spirit’ 

#5 Take a moment to smell the candle scent and roller scent float around you, connect with it and say:
‘I sense the powerful aroma of freedom and clarity’

#6 Take your unique Oracle card and read the message out loud if possible…

#7 Then say:

‘I feel safe and strong’
‘I am free to be myself in every way, every day’
‘I am rich with possibilities that nurture me’
‘I am free’

Step 5 - Making the Intention

Say out loud:

‘My intention is to soak up the words of freedom and know that I am free, I was born from the rivers of freedom, from the lands of source and I am free. I also intend... (add here that one intention from Step 3, that you wish to use all through the next 7 days of focus), then say:

So be it and so it is.’

Step 6 - The Reflection

Sit in silence and take 3 deep breathes again, breathing in new energies, feeling the new neural pathways travelling through your body. Feel the changes in your body, mind and spirit serge through expanding your essence, enlightening your soul and opening your physical path to greater opportunities and abundance. Then write down your intention in an affirmation and to be clear what you want on your paper (or note book).

Step 7 - The 7 Day Process

Well done! You have now fully stepped into the quantum realm of abundance and bringing it into the 3rd dimension. For the next 6 days, you will repeat this process without changing the intention (skip Steps 2 & 3 for the next 6 days). However at the end of your process on day 7, reflect back at what you wrote and write your new feelings, new ‘what happened’ stories – whatever allows you to connect with the changes you have made. A great way to help solidify the changes is to articulate and share them, so I ask you to share them with me – just click HERE.

Want to do a deep dive with Mrs V?

You have now started the process which is so exciting! Remember if you want to go deeper into the Alchemy, the book a session with me.