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Who is Mrs V?
Mrs V is Scarlett Vespa, her nickname came about from her first blog ‘The Style of Mrs V’ and has stayed with her since. She also loves the V for the sacred sign of woman and of course Victory!

What services does Mrs V Offer?
Mrs V works with individuals and groups offering Alchemy Sessions, which involve clearing energy blocks, channelling spirit to heal people’s energy and weave remedies to bring an intention to life. The individual sessions are 90 mins and the group is 2-3 hours depending on how many.

She is an artist, so if you wish you can commission work, just email her to learn more. However, you can buy her artwork in the shop, which is all infused with healing remedies, a unique gift for someone special or yourself.

Her background is also branding and media, so Mrs V works as CEO of Mrs V Media, a business focused on branding, website design, video & still production with social media management. Scarlett’s background is tv, film and marketing, being head of tv for years at CBA.

Where can I see Mrs V for an Alchemy session?
Your can see Mrs V in person at her Mittagong Studio or via Zoom.

What group work does Mrs V do?
Mrs V works with small groups at her studio or a person’s home. People get a group of six people (ideal size) and then a workshop is given at their place which includes individual healings. If you are interested, then get in touch with Mrs V to discuss

What is Spiritual Artwork?
Every item created by Mrs V is infused and coded with a healing modality to bring forth the intention of the remedy to whoever buys it.

What items are sold in the shop?
The shop has items from her brand AGERICH, which includes Remedies for abundance, love, freedom, intuition plus eyewear (as Mrs V is passionate about eyewear so created her own!) jewellery pieces, crystal candles, sheepskin, preloved items and also of course all her art. The shop is also opening in Bowral 15th April 2024.

What is the Podcast about?
Mrs V actually has 2 podcasts, the Mrs V Podcast, where she interviews various people to share their story and their remedy for life. Her second podcast launches in April – stay tuned!

What does alchemy mean?
Alchemy is an ancient form of transmuting lead into gold. It was also used as a metaphor about transmuting the dense parts of ourselves (lead) to become ‘enlightened’ (gold). It is a very detailed form of personal development when in terms of energy and the 7 step process if very specific in each step it takes. Mrs V uses the 7 step in understanding where a person is at in their life and that understanding helps guide her process. To learn more you can read this blog HERE..

Who is Luna and Otto?

Luna and Otto are Mrs V’s dogs, they are West Highland Terriers and much loved members of her family.

Where can I get notified about the upcoming events and workshops?
Mrs V creates a monthly newsletter that will share with you the latest updates on events, workshops, new creations and spiritual energies impacting all of us.