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How to Break Anxiety 101: The Essential Guide

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How to Break Anxiety 101: The Essential Guide

Calming Your Anxiety with the Power of Smell!

Smell has the power to catapault us into Fear or Calm

Powerfully influencing how we think, feel and act!

The good news, when emotions like Anxiety, Frustration & Overwhelm escalate our nose can help us!

Aroma combined with a quick 1 min – mind, body practice is a tripple self help technique to CALM down

Here’s why ……

Prefer to listen. Press Play.

Smell out of all the senses dials directly into the part of the brain that’s like the mother ship and commander of our Flight or Fight – Stress Response.

And this direct line via our olfactory system means AROMA INFLUENCES more than we think!

Have you ever thought about your reaction when you smell a strong scent of smoke around your home?

Our heart pumps and we dial-up into an alert state as our instinctive center instructs us to react and keep safe. This reaction happens from smell!

If you watch our furry friends you’ll notice they’re guided by smell and possible threats before we can even see them. The NOSE has this wonderful ability of keeping us safe and or the flip side, soothing our soul.

Have you thought about how soothing it can be when your meandering through a garden and stop for a moment to inhale a bunch of Lavender?

In most instances, it has the power to evoke a beautiful sense of peace.

This is because an extract from Lavender interacts with a chemical messenger (GABA) and sends the equivalent of a text message to instruct the brain to quieten and the nervous system to relax.

The deep slow breath also helps advise the brain that all is well and there’s no threat !

So there you have the quick ‘How’ simplified!

Here is the DIY Anxiety Circuit Breaker!

Reset to Calm with the power of Smell in 1 minute

All you have to do is…

Connect your favourite relaxing smell

A Peaceful memory and 1 min of deep slow breath work

Simple, time effective and works a treat to get you back on track.

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