DONNA FISHER | EMF Expert + Best Selling Author


Since 1999 Donna Fisher has been researching EMF – the undesirable fields that emanate from electricity and wireless devices. After creating a WORLD-FIRST in a 10-day court case in 2001, Donna has spoken on behalf of EMF experts in the USA and has travelled extensively educating on EMF. Donna lectured at the MINDD Conference in 2016 and also lectured to the Bio-Balance doctors in 2016. Donna also assists women in workplace breast cancer clusters and in 2016 lectured to O H & S officers and union representatives on how EMF is a problem in all workplaces. Donna has written 4 books on EMF, culminating in the final book Light that Heals Energy Medicine Today & Beyond. Donna is the founder of the world EMF PROTECTION PROJECT. Prior to this, Donna was writing about love and relationships in her book THE SEXY CYCLE. Erin Brockovich exposed water in a small town. A movie was made about that.

Dr Jeffrey Wigand exposed toxins in cigarettes, but not everyone smokes. A movie was made about that too. Donna Fisher exposed toxic EMF which affects everyone and all other living organisms in the world.

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1 Your story?

I went from submitting a letter to my local council protesting against a two-substation application that was to be placed across the road from where we lived as I was concerned about the health effects from EMF. Little was I to know that I would be thrown into a 10-day court case by the power company. Having no legal experience, I represented the people in the capacity of a QC and created a world-first.

2 Best advice?

Don’t reward bad behaviour. I’m done with mean.

3 What happened that steered you to success?

Knowledge, passion and belief in the Blushield EMF protection product. I have worked 7 days a week for the last 19 years on this project, yet it felt like a hobby, a hobby that unexpectedly turned into a successful business. Hobbies usually cost money, my hobby is now my income.

4 Best personal development tool to help you through challenges?

Fortunately, I was born with exceptionally strong coping skills. I have always had a positive outlook on life even though I have had many challenges as a result of people manipulating me to make them feel better or better off, but did me harm. My mystical nature gently guides me to evolve into a better version of what it is to be human.

5 What is the issue with society today?

Self-absorption and the rise of the adoration and cult of celebrity. However, I am also witnessing the rise of the Significant Individual who is not full of self-importance and authentically helps others and does not manufacture, promote or sell products that harm us.

6 Teach me something I don’t know.

The radio waves and microwaves that surround us 24/7/365 are harming us and these waves can account for the rising cancer rates, in fact whole world is a cancer cluster.

7 Biggest shift in your life and why?

When I was only talking about the EMF problem very few listened. What turned it around many years later was I found an effective EMF protection solution to the next big issue – ‘right timing, right product’. I am just warming up. When I saw through the faulty and often harmful belief systems that exist, I realised what I stood for, and started to truly live what I stand for. That is, first, do no harm.


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