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Cancer April 2022 Horoscope

Cancer April 2022 Horoscope

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Cancer April 2022 Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope

April kicks off with ideas aplenty to start a new career project with the New Moon taking place in your Career sector on April 1.  Professional endeavours you start at this time have the potential to go the distance, just be mindful long-term commitment and effort will be required but the rewards will come. 

On a personal note, you’ve been given the opportunity to reflect on who you are on a deeper, subconscious level for the past couple of years with Saturn travelling through your personal transformation zone.  April is a time to deepen your understanding of yourself and help you shift your perceptions around your personal power.   There is an opportunity to heal past trauma and see things in a new light which could inspire you to connect with new groups of people.  Consider it a turning point in terms of your commitment to honour the fullness of who you are.

Meanwhile, your Career is moving at pace.  Your mind is clear and there are plenty of options on the table which are inspiring you.  Opportunities to travel and enhance your professional skills continue to be on offer this month.  If you’ve been looking for a mentor and are still yet to find them, this month is rich with options to do so. 

When the Full Moon occurs on 17 April, it will light up your home-life and the need for work-life balance.  Relationships will also be highlighted but there are some lovely supportive energies to put some spice into partnerships that have become predictable.

If you have been opening up to spiritual development, this month is the perfect time to take classes with a metaphysical bent or to learn about culture and customs from the ancients either in your homeland or abroad.

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