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Cancer May 2022 Horoscope

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Cancer May 2022 Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope

This is an “emotion” alert for all you sensitive Cancerians out there.  We are in eclipse season which can bring about unexpected changes and shifts in your life that you’ll feel intensely.  The month starts off with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your personal and professional groups sector.  The Moon, Sun and North Node are joining forces to expand your networks at work and  home.  Your desire to collaborate with people and organisations of like-mind is strong so stay aware of opportunities to do so over the coming 6 months.

Mid-month on May 16, the Total Lunar Eclipse is likely to be very emotional and intense period.  As you’ve been exploring new ways to creatively express yourself, it’s had an impact on your most important 1:1 relationships (personal and professional).  This lunation can bring truths to the surface and you may find either you or your partner / colleague revealing hidden feelings and secrets that will transform the relationship.  If you realise the time has come to part ways, be grateful for what you’ve experienced and trust that any changes are making way for the new.  Don’t be shy to seek support from professional counsellors, psychologists or healers to help you navigate your emotions.

Your Career gets a real boost this month when Jupiter moves into Aries on May 11.   Promotions, being noticed and new projects to work on are examples of how this could play out.  Make the most of this as it is a once in a 12 year occurrence.  Jupiter will be amplifying your career up until October 28th.  To get an idea of how this might manifest for you, think back to what was happening in your Career in 2010.

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