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Capricorn May 2022 Horoscope

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Capricorn May 2022 Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope

The month starts off with New Moon Solar Eclipse in your creative zone.  This can bring about new beginnings related to the topics of children, romance, performing, sport and hobbies.  So, if life has been lacking a little sparkle, this lunation could be just what the doctor ordered.  But it’s not going to occur through planning …. This opportunity will happen when you least expect it.  So if you can, get out of your usual planning and strategic mode and allow yourself to connect with the simple pleasures of life and “go with your heart”.

When Jupiter, the planet of Luck and Expansion moves into Aries on May 11, it lights up your family and home sector.  This is the ideal time to look for a new home, establish new family rituals and spend quality time with loved ones.  Equally, this brings professional opportunities to the table as well.  The happier you are at home, the more you’re likely to succeed at work. 

The Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16 can activate strong emotions related to your professional organisation and/or groups you belong to.  Over the last year you’ve become acutely aware of the types of organisations and groups you want to be associated with.  If you are ready to make changes, but not sure how or when would be best, this lunation may just provide the nudge you need.

Your personal values and finances continue to go through a restructuring process.  These are likely to be a source of emotional tension mid-month.  Use breath work to reduce anxiety and stress and keep your mind in the present moment.  It will support you to make decisions based on your heart versus reacting with your head.

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