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Leo January 2022 Horoscope

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Leo January 2022 Horoscope

Leo Horoscope

For those of you born in late July – Aug 2 there’ll be some excitement about leaving behind the intense restructuring that took place in your personal life in 2021.  The past year taught you more than you could imagine.  You have gained so much wisdom about yourself and the world at large.  As you enter 2022, new opportunities await for you to engage both your creative and serious side and take up the responsibility of inspiring others to live their best life by the way you are living yours!  But be ready to step up and activate your power. There could be issues around authority so you’ll need to find that inner strength to navigate conflict successfully to achieve win:win deals.

January is a power month to review your health,  daily routine and professional needs. Tend to any practices and habits which you know are limiting your potential. This will enable you to sustain the work-load you’re ready to commit to without putting your wellbeing at risk. It may sound a little boring but you’ll actually be way more productive if you do some good planning this month.

For those of you born in early August, you may be drawn to studying healing modalities or teaching people how to strengthen their self-esteem so they can access their true potential.

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