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Leo July 2022 Horoscope

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Leo July 2022 Horoscope

Leo Horoscope

Fellow Leos, welcome to July!.  Last month there was plenty of focus on your career and organisations/groups you work with.  This month that intensifies further.  When Mars moves into your Career sector on July 5, there is a new level of drive and focus activated from deep within you.  With all the changes that have occurred over the last year and a half in your life, you’re getting clearer about how you want to work and be in the world.  But, you’re not quite there yet.  Use this month to continue to work your professional plans.  Your commitment and determination is strong.  Just be open to the possibility that there is more change to come.  That way when it does, you’re less likely for it to throw you completely off your game.  Trust that any change ultimately supports you to align with your purpose.

This month as the Sun illuminates your spiritual sector, spend time developing your intuition.  Use breathwork, meditation and journaling.  You are beginning to understand your ability to be a powerful creator when you focus on what you want.

The Full Moon on July 14 invites you to get the balance right between your work and your personal devotional practices.  If you have not been prioritising your health, this is the time to book that check-up or start a new regime.   Any underlying physical issues are more likely to be exposed at this time.

The New Moon in Leo on July 29 stimulates your drive and helps you find your mojo. With it falling in your zodiac sign, it presents a once in 12 month opportunity to set new year-long goals.  What do you want to create over the coming year?  How do you want to be in the world?  What do you want to convey to others?  From a business perspective this is a great time to  update your branding and ensure that your social profiles are a true reflection of the work you do in the world.  After all, your Birthday is coming up soon and that will be all about you shining in the world!

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