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Libra May 2022 Horoscope

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Libra May 2022 Horoscope

Libra Horoscope

The month kicks off with a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse on May 1 taking place in your investment, tax and healing zone.  You can maximise this energy by setting goals/intentions related to these topics.   The Eclipse could also bring about unexpected events triggering a  desire to understand yourself on a deeper level.  A 6 month journey of doing “inner work” with professionals who help you connect with subconscious patterns and behaviours which hinder you reaching your full potential is available for you to access.

The month of May continues to offer you ways to tap into your rich creative, imaginative and sensitive side on a daily basis.  All year Jupiter has been transiting through your Health and Wellness zone giving you the opportunity to bring a more holistic approach to your work/life balance.  Doing mindful activities which have you appreciating what exists in the here and now has been helping you manage your active mind.  On May 11, Jupiter joins Venus in your relationship sector offering a “fresh start” with existing relationships and the chance to establish new valuable personal and professional connections.  For ideas on how this may play out, think back 12 years to what was going on in that part of your life.

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