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Pisces May 2022 Horoscope

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Pisces May 2022 Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

Wow, what a powerful period you are in!!! Your personal zone has been lighting up like a Christmas tree igniting your inner need to shine in the world.  You may still be deciding exactly what you want to do and how, but your inner knowing has never been stronger.

The good news is that this month Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, slides into your financial sector on May 13 where it will reside until October 28, 2022.  This brings the opportunity to use your learned skills and innate abilities to make money!  So, if you’ve been uncertain about how to get started on your venture, now’s the ideal time to make that first small move.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on May 1, helps you to get your message out into the community through networking and/social media.  Say yes to any opportunities which offer you the chance to be heard.  This lunation may also inspire you to start a new course to upgrade your skills.  Whichever way it unfolds, this is a powerful time for marketing!

The Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16 is likely to bring up strong emotions related to the loss of travel or even bring about a realisation it’s time to let go of your old views of the world.  You begin to see how much the world has changed, how people in power have withheld the truth and as a result you’re questioning the very structure of society.  Big topics indeed to be contemplated.

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