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Scorpio May 2022 Horoscope

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Scorpio May 2022 Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

Get ready Scorpios, the month ahead is a significant turning point in your life.  This is a very feted month with the Eclipses inviting you to release what no longer serves you and bring in new ways of being.  Purposeful? Yes.  Easy? No.

On May 1, the New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place in your relationship (personal and professional) sector.  You may notice an increased desire for freedom and independence from your partner/colleagues/close friends.  You may also be seeking to shake things up to bring freshness and some extra zing into your connections.  Life has been very intense for you over the past year and a half, you’ve learned a lot about what matters to you in relationships and this month invites you to set some new intentions in this area.

Mid-month, the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16 commences a 6 month personal transformation opportunity.  This energy can support you to shed old ways of being that have been holding you back from experiencing the full richness of life.  It’s time for you to step into your power.  You’re gifted at digging deep into situations to reveal the truth and bring about change.  But you’ve realised you need to work with people who share your values and demonstrate ethical leadership and give you the flexibility to shine.   

Due to all the changes you’ve been going through, there is some pressure you’re feeling at home.   Whether you’ve been renovating, moving house or addressing some heavy emotional issues in the family, this eclipse (and the following 6 months) is likely to help you see how to successfully restructure things so they can work for the long-term. 


The good news there is energetic support available to help you on your transformation journey.  Jupiter the planet of expansion and abundance moves into your health and wellness sector on May 11 where it will reside until October 28.  Use this to boost your daily wellbeing practices nurturing your mind, body and soul.

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