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Taurus May 2022 Horoscope

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Taurus May 2022 Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope

Happy Birthday Taureans (and belated wishes if you were born late April).  Hold onto your hats because May kicks off with the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse taking place in your Identity sector.  As the Sun, Moon and North Node line up, they are inviting a personal evolution designed to align you with your Life Purpose.  This is a powerful time for setting goals/wishes for the Year Ahead as well as the next 18 years! 

Eclipses help you see things in new ways and are designed to connect you to your purpose.  However, they are not instant, their impact can be felt for the coming 6 months.  That said, over the last 2 years you have been putting in plenty of hard-work laying new foundations around your Career.  This New Moon Solar Eclipse can help you see how to take advantage of the changes you’ve been making. 

Mid-month, on May 16, the Total Lunar Eclipse, falls in your relationship sector.   This can be an emotional period as you finally realise certain relationships (professional and/or personal) are no longer aligned with your values.   You’re letting go of old ways of “being in relationship” and morphing into a more authentic version of yourself in relationship.

When Venus moves into Aries on May 3, it brings a boost to your intuition and desire for spiritual connection.  You may find yourself needing some extra space or time alone as the pace of life picks up and professional demands increase.  If you can, book a retreat or getaway.

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