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Virgo July 2022 Horoscope

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Virgo July 2022 Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

Welcome to July.  This month your Career and organisations you work with continue to be a major focus in your life.  All month you have energetic support to make plenty of business connections and establish alliances to support the work you are doing in the world.   

When Mercury, your ruling planet, joins the Sun in sensitive Cancer July 5 – July 19, you may find yourself a little more emotional and vulnerable than usual.    This can be a powerful basis for connecting with others.  Given it’s occurring in your friendship sector, it offers a chance to deepen social connections.  The more you express what’s going on for you, the more you provide space for others around you to do the same.  And go to the next level of understanding of each other.

This month your opportunities to expand your knowledge through learning and travel level up even further with fiery Mars moving into this part of your life.  You can probably feel that changes are afoot for you.   This will continue to grow all month and will be fully activated in early August when Mars meets up with Uranus.  My advice is to see change as life’s most powerful growth agent.  Don’t fight it, instead be open to the new pathways that are made available.

The Full Moon on July 14 further illuminates your creativity and friendships.  Have you got the balance right between  focussing on activities you love doing (hobbies, sport, romance, art, children) and connecting with friends and groups who share your passions in the world.  Emotions may be triggered if you realise you’ve been ignoring one or the other side of this life see-saw.

When the lunar cycle begins anew in Leo on July 29, this is the time of the year for you to make wishes connected to your spiritual development and helping those in need.  Ask yourself what your purpose is and how do you most want to impact in the world?

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