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Virgo May 2022 Horoscope

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Virgo May 2022 Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

This month themes of travel, learning and tuning into your beliefs are under the spotlight.  Lucky for those of you who’ve been desperately missing jumping on those planes!  The month starts off on May 1 with a New Moon Lunar Eclipse which is a powerful time for you to set intentions to expand your knowledge base.  Unexpected opportunities to broaden your wings await you – so be sure to look for signs and explore any offers that come your way.

Your ruling planet, Mercury commences his second retrograde journey for the year on May 10.  From May 10 – May 23 you’ll be invited to revise, rethink and redo Career related matters.  Then from May 23 – June 3, you can review options for informal and/or formal higher learning.  Be sure to give yourself extra time to navigate delays and definitely avoid signing important business contracts during this time if you want them to be binding.

On May 11, Jupiter the planet of expansion and abundance moves into your shared assets, taxes and personal development zone.  This is a once in a 12 year opportunity to review your financial portfolio and make adjustments that can reap benefits in the long-term.  It’s also a great time to work with professionals to help heal any old or new emotional wounds.  Seek out someone you can trust and allow yourself to delve into blocks/patterns which have been holding you back from experiencing deep meaning and purpose in your life.

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