Hosted Meetup

Hosted Meetup

📢 Join us for our Hosted Meetup
With Charmion Graham @Avalon
This Meetup’s topic is…

 ‘Are You Up to the Challenge?’

It will be an inspiring session where ‘Mrs V’ will share her take on today’s fast pace world and her techniques on using our challenges to pivot into success.

Sat 16th September, 2023 @ 2.30-4.00pm

35 Marine Parade
Avalon NSW 2107
Tea/Coffee and Nibbles Provided

charmion hero x Your Host Charmion Graham

Charmion Graham is an Aura Soma Consultant, Healer & Lifestyle Guide. Her new business ‘Charmed Remedies’, is reflected in her beautiful home that captures the essence of nature’s elements cradling the magic she delivers in her work.

avalon beachLocation: Avalon
North-eastern suburb, built on land granted in 1833 to Father Joseph Therry, Catholic chaplain. In 1921 the developer Arthur J. Small chose the name ‘Avalon’, the final resting place of the legendary King Arthur. Its name was changed to Avalon Beach in 2012

With extensive research and her expertise, she has crafted a book designed to empower women, helping them feel confident and energised while managing their weight.