It’s said that Intuition is one of elusive senses, almost like magic dust.

Even in its elusiveness it can still find its way to us and sprinkle some of the dust on our life. Be it love, health, wellbeing, finances or any area in our life a bit of magic dust is always welcome. So how do we invite Intuition to be of service to our health and wellbeing.

One of the easiest ways is to pay attention to your feelings and ask your intuition in any situation; Is this lighting a fire inside my core or diminishing fire. So how this helps. If we are true to our feelings and it is lighting our fire than it directly corresponds to our wellbeing which in turn keeps us healthy. 

Most of health problems come from unbalanced emotional state. So, if we engage our Intuition and start having fun with it we can bring back balance.

Intuition is always at our disposal sending us messages through our feelings in myriad of ways. 

We always know if we are in right situation, our intuition will make it clear through our emotions and feelings. If we choose to ignore it and continue even if we feel it’s not right it automatically creates imbalance in our bodies and our wellbeing gets affected. 
On the other hand, if we choose to listen our intuition and choose to honour our feelings and remove our self from situations than it creates feeling of wellbeing. There is no stress than. We are not in conflict with ourselves and that enhances our wellbeing.
Another way to bring intuition in equation of wellbeing would be to engage it when choosing what to eat. Food is very important for our health. We can start asking our Intuition; How this food makes me feel, does it bring right energy, does it makes me sluggish etc. Intuition always brings answers tailored just for us, we just need to familiarise ourselves with its unique language. 

Also, Intuition will bring to our attention if something will improve our wellbeing. We just need to open conversation with it or better way would be to initiate conversation.  One of my great examples is when I asked my Intuition to bring to my attention some kind of exercise that would be beneficial for me at that time. Sure, enough it came that night in a dream. In this dream, my teacher was recommending to me to start Bikram yoga. When I woke up I thought what is this Bikram yoga, I never heard of it, does it even exist. But I knew it must be something otherwise I wouldn’t have it in dream. So, I googled it and viola there it was, one of the most powerful types of yoga.

Intuition has its own unique way of communicating with us. It can be of great service in any area of our lives if we dare to start conversation. It will teach us how to converse in this elusive language.  We can learn to became fluent in Intuition and bring wellbeing to our everyday life.