JEN DAVIS | Co-Founder Wyse Women


Jen Davis is an Executive Search and Recruitment specialist in the Media, Marketing and Advertising industry with 15 years experience spanning across the UK and Australia. I have always had a passion for people and nurturing talent which is why I love what I do. Since having children I have been fortunate enough to work for an amazing employer who has offered me an abundance of flexibility enabling me to continue my career without sacrificing time with my 2 young children. I want this for other women which is one of the key reasons for building a business like Wyse Women – I want to help the industry retain and nurture female talent and for female talent to reach their full potential whilst still maintaining some work/life balance.

Wyse Women

1 Your story?

I am a Business Partner, a Mum, a Partner, a Friend and many other things.
I grew up in Yorkshire, England around my family. Life wasn’t 2.4 children, but I do believe my upbringing helped shaped me to be a resilient, strong and independent female. Qualities I have needed in to draw on as life has evolved – which I am sure we’ll touch on later.
My parents didn’t have much growing up, so I always knew I had to stand on my own two financial feet because if there was a rainy day there was no-one to fall back on – it fell on me. This awareness been my constant driver in life both personally and professionally.

2 Best advice?

When life throws you challenges whether personal or professional try not to panic at the mountain you have to climb. Tackle each steps as it comes and before you know it you’ll be at the top looking back at what you’ve overcome.

3 What happened that steered you to success?

Life! I have faced my fair share of major life challenges, but I look back and see how they have made me a stronger and more resilient person. I also think it depends on how you define success!

4 Best personal development tool to help you through challenges?

To always stay true to myself and that it is okay to say ‘no’.

5 What is the issue with society today?

Hidden homelessness – a new epidemic where women over the 50 are now the fastest growing group of people to keep a roof over their head. A result of divorce, unemployment and skyrocketing rent.

6 Teach me something I don’t know.

Almost 800 children in Australia are diagnosed with cancer each year. Genome Power is creating the technology to identify all the generic information in a childs cancer which will help develop treatment to their specific tumour rather than one treatment for all.

7 Biggest shift in your life and why?

Becoming a parent! My daughter was diagnosed with a serious illness at just 6 months of age and that threw life well and truly up in the air. It made me reevaluate everything. It was after this that a new chapter in life began!


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