Life After Divorce Workshop


Is this you?

  • You are still feeling emotionally affected by the divorce
  • You feel unable to move on and constantly meet road bloacks
  • You don’t understand why it happened, what did you do wrong?
  • You don’t want to get hurt again & avoid relationships
  • You don’t know how to get out there and be an individual, not part of a couple

This 2 hour workshop is all about shifting you from feeling like you have lost who you are to feeling inspired and confident about navigating your new life:

The Outcome:

You understand why it you got divorced
You feel less emotional about the break up
You are less triggered when you meet your ex
You see the divorce as an opportunity for something better
You know how to manage the divorce with friends and family

Format: Mrs V ascertains each participants relationship blocks and locates and activates the ability to find the flow. This is achieved  with a set of unique practical and spiritual tools, accompanied by Mrs V’s proven processes to deliver results that continue to grow and evolve even once the workshop is finished.


Where:  Southern Highlands
When:  From Nov 22
Length: 2 Hours
Contact Mrs V

The Workshops are a maximum of 8 people and will run during Nov 22 and then from Feb 23.  Once we establish the dates that work for the first enquiries, will be publish the confirmed dates. If you are interested and have a preferred date, please apply below.

what people say

“To achieve a sustainable change, you must first build a foundation that will nurture all parts of yourself. Then, watch the magic unfold.”