MAKEOVER 21 Days – Week 1 – The Mind

The Makeover

Week one

Waking Up

The Mind

Welcome to week 1! This week I look at how I see myself and where I can shift my thinking, beliefs around body image, change and comfortability. I also then shape my vision of what I want and what that feels like. Getting clear on the ‘what is’ is crucial. This is the beginning, so each day I will do processes that help me do that. Every day I will add the process to this page, so you can get the information if it resonates with you. Scroll down and you will see the links to each day below, you can toggle between them. 

Start with DAY ONE!

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Week One

Day One – Introduction
Day Two – Waking Up
Day Three – World Impact
Day Four – Teresa Brett ‘Re-Story’ Session
Day Five – Finding the Hero
Day Six – Your MAKEOVER Process
Day Seven – Rest Day (No Session)

Day One – Introduction


Starting the process to help you prepare for the MAKEOVER, this is the most important Day and time to set your intentions for the results you want to achieve.

Food general…
  1. Less Sugar
  2. Less Diary
  3. Less Wheat
  4. Less Alcohol
  5. Less Meat vs more veg – better veg (better meat)
  6. No Bread
  7. Watermelon until 12noon
  8. Light dinner (no carbs)
  9. Have fat, good oils and butter
  10. No egg white
  11. Organic if possible
  12. Rice brown or noodles
  13. Food holds energy
  14. Water, 6 glasses room temperature (with lemon is good)
  15. Coffee is fine, I do almond or oat – just one.
  16. Eat at the same time
  17. Eat half of the same / if you can’t stop ie. Icecream etc.
  18. Chew Chew Chew
  19. Eat with gratitude and consciousness about where it’s come from
  20. Obstacles / mind is first because it’s you’ll come up with all excuses not to commit.
A          Let go of comforting yourself or feeling comfortable (eg yoga) goes back to when we feel we need comforting as a child so we know we are safe and loved. B          Ask yourself 4 things: 1          What is the one good thing I am getting from this food (fuel)? 2          How will I feel afterwards? 3          Why am I eating this? (Deep motivation) IF, you know it’s not going to make you feel great but you want it anyway, just then ask… 4          Can I wait one more hour to eat this? C          Clarify of intention Make sure you fill in the email form Questions? D         Buy some foods or things to have in the kitchen E          Create a nice space to do stretching and yoga

Day Two – Waking Up


This is when we tap into the mind and become present and conscious to ourselves and who we are.

I have broken down the videos into 3 parts for you:

Session 'Wake Up'

Waking Up the body 'Daily Movement' (Do Everyday - See in Menu for Future)

Waking Up the Mind
'Daily Meditation' to Clear bad energies and Manifestation Guide. (Do Everyday - See in Menu for Future)



Day Three – World Impact


Today we look at the impact the world, our family, friends, colleagues and the world has on our energy and mindset.


Day Four – Teresa Brett ‘Re-Story’ Session


Today we speak to Teresa Brett, who will share how to 'Re-set' and 'Re-story' your life.



My Session with Teresa!


Day Five – Finding the Hero


Today we look at stepping into being the main character in our life. To see yourself as the hero, the hero on a journey, creating change, overcoming adversity and discovering who she is.


Day Six – Your MAKEOVER Process

Your MAKEOVER Process

To make this sustainable, we see what has been working and formulate what we take with us to help the mind to use over the next 2 weeks and in fact your life.


Day Seven – Rest Day (No Session)


Today make sure you feel rested and proud of yourself completing week one. Well done! But try my FAVOURITE THING - Pancakes!