MAKEOVER 21 Days – Week 2 – The Body

The Makeover

Week Two

Time to be Visible

The Body

This second week, it’s time to step fully into your body. The last week has prepped us to be more connected and grounded, now it’s time to take that to another level and work with the body more strongly. Here we will start some yoga poses that I know will help the body feel more balances and grounded. We will also connect with some experts to talk about how to do some gut health as well as thinking about how you be in the world (personal brand), skin care, make-up and styling.

Week two

Day Eight – Starting Yoga
Day Nine – Being Visible to the World
Day Ten – Skin Care
Day Eleven – Beauty
Day Twelve – Styling
Day Thirteen – Food & Supplements
Day Fourteen – Rest Day (No Session)

Day Eight – Yoga



Day Nine – Being Visible to the World

Day Nine – Being Visible to the World.



Ask yourself...

1. Write down 3 ways that you believe people see you?

2. IF you believe people see you in a negative light - what would happen if it was true?

3. Are you willing to do it anyway, are you willing to be seen without fear of judgement? 

Ultimately, the only truth is your own. How other people see you is none of your business and the way to get strength and confidence is to own the parts you don't like and do what you want to do anyway, if it makes you happy (and inspires / helps others...).

This week, just do ONE thing you find uncomfortable and perhaps feels of no use or not valuable to others as they wouldn't be interested in you, keep doing it anyway. That is what I am doing on my own makeover, I am not letting my belief in what others think of me to stop me sharing the real me.


Day Ten– Skin Care

Day Ten – Skin Care



Today, ask yourself how are you NURTURING your skin?
Is it telling you anything about your body OR emotional body?
Am I drinking at least 4 glasses of water a day?

Highly recommend using WILDCRAFTED skincare I use! Amazing - here are links: (use code: AGERICH for 15% discount)



Day Eleven – Beauty

Day Eleven – Beauty



Beauty is all about feeling confident and loved. Then, you can have some fun with your make-up! Personally I keep it super simple as I honestly can't be bothered a lot of days as I work from home, use a filter when on Zoom and as you can see up until now, I've not worn make up once. However, part of my MAKEOVER is that I am going to wear MAKEUP more to make me feel good, because I do feel like I am putting my energetic protection or armour when I go into the world. In any case, this is what I do and I've listed the products I use. I don't have affiliates with the products, but may in the future with my friends Jay Jay's products, that is mainly what I use for eyeliner, primer and mascara (when I do) - so stay tuned for her new branding coming. I've also popped my hair MAKEOVER as well - so nice to have a colour, cut and blow dry. Freshly done! Love!



List of Make-up Hair Products I use:


Anti-Wrinkle Face Primer - Mikatvonk

Foundation - Il Makiage

 & Roden & Fields

Eyeshadow Primer - Nars

Eyeliner - Mikatvonk

Eyepencil (underneath eyeliner) - SCOUT

Eyeshadow - Charlotte Tilbury

Blush/Shadow - OGee

Eyebrow Pencil - Hourglass


Day Twelve – Styling

Day Twelve – Styling



To uncover your style, you need to step into your 'artist'. You are unique and express yourself in a way that is unique to you, that is what it means to be human. Today ask yourself, how do I express my style, the artist in the way I dress, behave, talk, write and work.

The most important part of finding your own 'style' is to own ALL of you, the good, the bad and ugly. Yes, we are made up of all parts and the sooner you claim them, the sooner you'll see that fitting in, only denies your true self!


Day Thirteen – Food & Supplements

Food & Supplements



Here I will show you what I eat, the supplements and other means to help keep my body healthy.

We have 40 Trillion cells - how amazing are we!


Ways to eat…

1          Ryoho Wellness (yoga & food for healing – mix of Japanese)

Brown rice and veggies

Chew Chew Chew

Eat like a QUEEN at breakfast, PRINCESS at lunch & PAUPER at dinner.

No diary, gluten, sugar – big no no

2          Fasting

Leave 12 hours of no food

3          Food combination

No mixing of protein and carbs

4          Vital Life Formulas

No egg whites, chicken or veal

Watermelon for breakfast

Veggie is best in order to remove excess estragon


Amino Acids & Vitamins

Liver Aid



Aloe Vera Gel & Juice

Green Clay

Waiora NCD (Natural Cellular Defence)

5          IFA – Glyn Braddy, the elements of Man – Food, water, air and fire.

Food Rotation

Muscle Kinesiology

6          Alternative Medicines





Craniosacral Therapy





Day Fourteen – Rest Day (No Session)


Today make sure you feel rested and proud of yourself completing week Two. Well done!