MAKEOVER 21 Days – Week 3 – The Spirit

The Makeover

Week Three

Finding Your Purpose

The Spirit

This third week, I focus on the spirit. What does that mean? It means we look at the deeper part of ourselves. Accessing our intuition, listening to the heart and understanding how to find your purpose. Spirit is the foundation of true happiness I believe and the body and mind are the gateways to help you access the spirit. Understanding the role of ego and how to recognise it in day to day life can help you let go of negative thinking and bring in positive attitudes. Connection with self and others to see that we are all one consciousness will allow you to experience the power you have at your fingertips, the power of joy, gratitude and bravery.

Week three

Day Fifteen – Re-visit intentions
Day Sixteen – Letting go of the ego
Day Seventeen – Getting grounded
Day Eighteen – Protecting yourself
Day Nineteen – Be your own guide
Day Twenty – Re-Story Session 2
Day Twenty-one – Celebrate your transformation

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Day Fifteen – Re-visit intentions

Day Fifteen – Re-visit intentions

Today we revisit our intentions and look at what is spirituality to you?


Day Sixteen – Letting go of the ego

Day Sixteen– Letting go of the ego



Today, examine what is your ego to you. Remember the same voice that says 'Your great' is the same voice that says 'I'm worthless'. (Sorry that cut off on the video, so wanted to be sure you got that message!). So that means your ego gets attached to outcome it thinks you need. When you distance yourself and get into flow, then you find a timeless magical space of your true nature. Begin to notice when your ego takes over and generally it's fear that triggers it to go into action. Make friends with your ego today.


Day Seventeen – Getting grounded

Day Seventeen – Getting grounded



Getting grounded is getting a key helper in being present in order to access your power. In the present we create and we release. Love Nancy's explanation of why we need to get grounded and short meditation to help you do just that.

After the session, it confirmed to me that without being present you cannot create or transform in your life.


To learn more about Nancy Visit:

Day Eighteen – Protecting yourself

Day Eighteen – Protecting yourself


Loved speaking with amazing Holistic Counsellor 'Aisling Pont' about how to Protect Yourself.


Day Nineteen – Be your own guide

Day Nineteen – Be your own guide


Loved speaking with Stella Alchemist and Holistic Career Coach, Josephine Corcoran all about being your own guide. She illustrates the impact of our own astrology on our purpose through parts of my chart. My homework here is to of course have a session with her! Here is link to her site: and also, if you look at what is your 'go to' thing to do, that is super easy, vs what you love to do, but is more challenging to find the time etc.


Day Twenty – Re-Story Session 2

Day Twenty – Re-story Session 2 with Teresa Brett.



Day Twenty One – Celebrate your transformation

Day Twenty One – Celebrate your transformation