The Makeover



I am so glad you decided to join me as I know who is on this journey, is ready for the transformation. You are the hero in your own story and I’m so excited to provide you with the material to write it. 
To start I will be sharing the process in our first session and first week of the MAKEOVER.

1.  What to do
2.  What NOT to do
3.  How to measure your success
4.  My personal LIST for GUIDANCE
5.  Follow up to my FACEBOOK PAGE to get LIVE FEED ALERTS
6.  Join FACEBOOK GROUP to CONNECT with others on the same journey. 

What to do

1. Be committed to the 8am start every day (except Sunday’s) If you want me to help you be accountable, tick the box in MEASURING SUCCESS and I’ll message you personally on Facebook to join (make sure you like my MRS V page).
2. Have more conscious approach to EVERYTHING you do over this time (will explain in session how)
3. Encourage positive thinking towards self
4. Share experiences (feelings) either to our group or loved ones/friends
5. Let the mind have a rest, we are entering a world of feeling knowing and learning to let go!

What not to do

1.  No ‘dieting’
2. No weighing yourself
3. Avoid negative thinking towards self
4. Don’t fix your discomfort, don’t judge, just let it move through you if you can (will explain in session how to do this)
5. Don’t think your doing it wrong, there is NO wrong way

Measuring Success

We will be measuring YOUR success through this form – please fill it in on the same day you start.

So here we go! Do everything above and the next 21 days will change your life and it will be a sustainable change. Here are the links again below for Facebook Page and Group, please follow and request to join. I’ll also send you reminders for each day and links to the different sessions after we’ve finished, so you get access to it later and any documentation, lists or links I’ve talked about in the session will be there also.  Any questions, please email me on

And here are the links to join before we start!