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AGERICH™ MAKEOVER , is our transformation program for women to shine in their career or business. We work with stay at home mums wanting to start a new business, corporate escapees who need a business they can jump ship too, entrepreneurs who just want to take their business or personal brand to the next level. Mrs V has transformed women for the last 10 years and is bringing her close team in to make this experience incredibly powerful and unique. 

PLUS We will be showcasing your journey on our show, which will be shared on our media platforms. If that makes you feel excited, then great! When you have your journey witnessed by such a large audience, there is an even greater transformation and your personal brand will grow exponentially. HOWEVER, if that makes you feel totally freaked out, then no problem, we can do with no cameras. 

Why? We wanted to share the process, so women of all ages will be inspired to do the same.

When? It will take about 6-8 Weeks, required 1-2 sessions per week, and 2 to 3 half day shooting in our studio or your home.

How? We can work with anyone around the world as our sessions are done on Zoom and shooting will be done by yourself on a phone and/or our team in your place of country directed by Mrs V.

What? You receive if you do THE MAKEOVER X?

Personal Brand defined with you ‘title’ & ‘tag line’
Clear message and service offering
Positive Beliefs installed via Quantum Rebalancing (Old stories of self released)
Astrology Blueprint of your Destiny (infused into your brand)
Still Photographs for profile & Editorial
Video for Website and other media outlets
Website with logo and design offering your biography, services & media 
Lifetime access to our AGERICH
 STUDIO Membership
 1 x Year Membership to V COACH DIRECTORY (for coaches)

The process is quite detailed and we will send you a complete breakdown of the steps, you just have to fill in your details below and will it arrive in your inbox. HOWEVER, we have shared the main steps we take you through on THE MAKEOVER X. 

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Mrs V’s initial personal branding session is the foundation for your makeover experience. It is a very powerful process that includes 3 steps over 90 minutes.

Scarlett creates a safe and nurturing environment for an inspired session and to achieve the most authentic results. The process includes, a) a life/career audit; b) current blocks and c) bringing your vision to life.

As we learn about your life, your career and business, we start to see the overall story of YOU.

Sometimes we have a picture in our head of what we look and seem to others, but then we can discover, how we THINK we are, is far from the perceived truth of us.

Teresa’s Quantum Reset Process is the beginning of rewriting the story thot makes you light up about YOU and your CAREER. This first practical stage includes 1 x 60 Min session which is done specifically after the personal brand session. Teresa will clarify your new story and any undermining conscious and unconscious programs that may anchor you to your past & get in the way.

In this deeply insightful session, Josephine will dive into your Innate Abilities, Soul’s Purpose and Lifetime Lessons using the Ancient Self-Development tool of Astrology. Based on your Birthday, Birth Time and Birth Location (which you provide ahead of the session) Josephine will discuss the findings and together you will create your Soul’s Professional Blueprint. This will highlight your Strengths, Needs, Values, Areas for Growth and your Destiny.
At this point all the team gather to integrate the outcome of the Astrology session with Josephine. We get a good understanding of the overall summary, the strengths and weakness in your career and business life. We excitingly discover your destiny start and work through how that impacts where Scarlett and Teresa’s got to.
At this stage, Scarlett connects with another Coach, an expert in their particular field of coaching. The type of coach depends on YOUR type of career, your challenge or your goals. Scarlett and the team in Step #5 will determine who would be great fit. We would be asking them to give advice on how to better support themselves in this new path with 3 tips to take with them. This would be recorded in video or written. The coach may offer more, but again it depends on the type of coach.

During this stage, we are preparing you for a quantum reset, allowing you to have new beliefs, reshape old ones and start discovering new ways to respond to life. Your decisions will have greater clarity as you come from power, not fear. Walls will come down in order for you to open up to career opportunities you may not have thought possible. A space will appear that brings new thinking as you let go of the old you.

This part of the process is where Scarlett’s creative talent and intuition comes into play to build your personal brand out in a tangible way that will not only showcase your career highlights, but the unique essence of you.

Step 1 – Your Personal Logo and Website Design of YOU
Step 2 – Creating your NEW LOOK
Step 3 – Bringing it altogether to LAUNCH YOU

The Final Reveal to being AgeRich takes place in an online event, whereby you can organise a gathering of your partner or best friend at home to celebrate with you. Scarlett, Teresa, Josephine and your selected family will be online to witness your transformation online and in person online.

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{We'll also keep you updated on updates & our makeover stories}

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