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The Power of Makeovers: 3 Examples

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The Power of Makeovers: 3 Examples

When we think of makeovers, we often imagine the physical kind—the ones that involve revamping wardrobes, looks, or even the property they own. It can be inspiring how what some people would perceive to be minor superficial changes can do so much to change perspective, level of self-confidence, and outlook in life.

From the perspective of the person at the centre of the transformation these changes are nothing short of extraordinary. For the viewers, it might just be a wardrobe update, but for the person in question, it was a new way to see and present themselves.

Aside from physical makeovers or those focused on a sense of style, plenty of other makeovers can be instrumental in transforming lives. Many people go through paradigm shifts that enable them to turn their lives around, while others go through spiritual makeovers that empower them to pursue their passions and callings.

Here are a few notable examples of makeovers and the pivotal moments that helped them find their calling:


1. A Chance Encounter Can Spark Inspiration for Change

Many people attribute life-changing moments to emotional charged events, such as serious illness or the loss of a loved one, but this does not always have to be the case. Sometimes the desire for a makeover is triggered by an encounter that inspires one to dream and achieve something more.

As a child, Chris Gardener did not have many positive role models, and the home he grew up in proved to be an unsafe place for him and his siblings. His stepfather was physically abusive towards his mother, him, and his siblings, and there were times when the kids had to stay in the foster care system due to problems at home. His mother was also convicted of trying to kill his stepfather by burning their home while the man was still inside.

During a stint in the foster system, Chris met his uncles from his mother’s side, and this meeting provided him with a positive role model. Despite the traumatic experiences the family has been through, Chris’s mother Bettye Jean, proved to be a source of inspiration for the young boy, teaching him how to be self-reliant, and to work on the goals that he wanted to achieve. Even as a young boy, Chris was determined not to fall into homelessness, alcoholism, illiteracy, and physical abuse later in life.

As a young man, Chris Gardner struggled against his circumstances and achieved several successes. These included finding gainful employment in an innovative clinical research centre and becoming a father. At the same time, he also struggled with homelessness and the long process getting out of it – as portrayed so well in the film “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

Another pivotal moment of his life was encountering a stockbroker in a red Ferrari. This meeting helped Chris acquire a sense of career direction that would eventually help him reach his goals, give back to the community, and present the people around him with better options economically in their lives.


2. A Painful Experience Can Reveal Different Aspects of Your Strength

A person who has gone through a painful experience can feel sorrow, anger, regret, and a cacophony of other negative emotions. However, such an event can also trigger a makeover by inspiring a person to rise above their difficulties. Ultimately, this can help them reach new heights in their careers, personal lives, or relationships.

Australian Turia Pitt has made a name for herself as an athlete even in her early years. Not only was she known for her physical prowess, but she also did well academically. The avid runner completed a mining engineering degree and joined ultramarathons–one of which turned her life upside down.

In 2011, Turia was running in the ultramarathon caught up in a large bushfire. With nowhere to go, the runner sustained burns to 65 per cent of her body. It took a while for her to access urgent medical treatments, enough that the doctors who saw her did not expect her to survive.

Against all odds, Turia recovered from this gruelling ordeal and became a sought-after public speaker. Proving her indomitable spirit, she became a motivational speaker and also an author after the incident, and her interviews on channels with global audiences. While this painful incident could have sent her reeling, Turia stood back up and used it to inspire others.


3. A Sustained Interest Can Become Your Calling

For some the makeover they want has been staring them right in the face for a long time. With growth and perspective, one can refocus efforts on things and values that matter. It can help them discover their passion projects and the ventures that will help them leave a mark on society.

A son of immigrant parents who struggled to get by, Robert Lee was taught, as a child, never to waste food. He was encouraged to pursue a career in medicine or law, but he focused on finance to start earning money as soon as possible.

After graduating college under a scholarship, Robert entered the finance industry while still maintaining involvement with homeless shelters. During this time, he began to understand the extent of the problem and decided to focus on it instead.

Today, he heads the Rescuing Leftover Cuisine (RLC), a non-profit aiming to reduce food waste and improve equitable access to food sources. The organisation has rescued over 7 million pounds of excess food and has expanded to 8 regions.

A makeover, be it physical or spiritual, can take place at any time and circumstance. Such moments can completely alter a life or refocus attention on the things that matter to them.

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