I'm Scarlett Vespa aka 'Mrs V'

The Alchemist | Disrupting Ageism


Welcome to the Mrs V world! I am Scarlett Vespa aka ‘Mrs V’ and I’m passionate about disrupting ageism and proving you get richer and more valuable as you get older, age-LESS to age-RICH!  

I am passionate about helping people overcome challenges, build confidence and learn to trust yourself – everyday of your life. My ALCHEMY SESSIONS will transform how you see yourself and the potential you have right now, by unveiling your main block in your career, your business or your own personal development, you will reframe how you see YOU! My WORKSHOPS are developed to help the over 50 Woman find confidence and empowerment through my AGERICH Program.

My CORPORATE WORKSHOPS also educate and inform Managers on the incredible value of the 50+ woman and how young employees can not only work in harmony but work in a culture that will enhance the productivity of the business.

The  AGERICH platform, a lifestyle brand to embrace and empower the over 50 Woman, provides rich content, a podcast, digital magazine, career quizzes, monthly horoscopes and much more to support and guide you on your journey.  Finally, my MRS V CREATIVE is where I get to brand and make your digital profile shine.  I did discover early on in my work, there is no point making a beautiful website with amazing branding and social media content, if you have an energy block about being successful? So my work is always working with the practical and the spiritual – the perfect alchemy! 

If you want to start your AGERICH journey, then the perfect place to start is with an alchemy session.

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