BERNADETTE ARCHIBALD | Business + Brand Growth Strategist


Bernadette creates growth in multiple categories and markets (mature, developing and emerging markets) and has worked across major international businesses since the beginning of her career including being General Manager for PepsiCo, Kellogg, Whirlpool Oceania and RG Brands. She believes that in strategy that works, leadership that inspires and gets work done by developing team members & teams to deliver with pride, transformation that delivers for businesses and P&L. Her Innovation disrupts and engages to help Brands thrive in their business.

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1          Your story? 

I am from a big family. My work is about brands and leadership. I think what attracted me to marketing is what attracted me to leadership because both are about what people say and what they do and leveraging that for brands  in the case of marketing and getting the best out of individuals and teams for leadership. Together, brands and getting the best from your people, are good for business. I have lived in 5 countries and my most valuable possession are my passports.

2          Best advice? 

Trust your intuition. It is right there under your skin. It is the first voice that you hear (among all the voices you hear). Make sure that you develop the ability to tap into your intuition in the good times so that it will serve you well when you are challenged because your intuition is always right.

3          What happened that steered you to success? 

My parents and my family. I was bought up truly knowing that I could do anything I wanted to with focus and effort, to chose to be happy and to own the consequences of every choice I make. This grounds me in a way that I have come to learn that not many people have had the privilege to know… and that was instilled in me from day 1 so it was a extraordinary gift.


4          Best personal development tool to help you through challenges?  

Again really trust your intuition and the journey.

5          What is the issue with society today? 

MI believe today people in the West should take notice of people in the East, the cultures and the customs have shown me that people with little can have great happiness.

6          Teach me something I don’t know 

The DNA from every apple in the world can be traced back to the apple trees in Southern Kazakhstan! The Aport apple is a very large red apple; too big to be eaten alone and in Kazakhstan, they are shared among a family. 

7         Biggest shift in your life and why? 

Not sure but probably the experience of being an exchange student. I learned alot of things including that to compare cities and countries is not meaningful. What is interesting is to figure out why they are the way they are because the context, history, culture, food, people and more are what makes them what they are and since no two have the same story, then a comparison is not meaningful. I believe this about people too. 


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