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If you are not expressing yourself on any of the social media platforms, then people will never know how brilliant you or your products are, and how can they buy what you have to sell if they don’t know about you?

I have been creating content for over 35 years. From TV Ads for big brands to being the first to break away and develop vox pop-type content for big & small businesses, including coaches and speakers. I create professional content for LinkedIn AND inspiring content for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok (yes, grid and reels). Content that will share your brand story and ultimately get you noticed.

Welcome to Mrs V Creative. Rich with inspiration, innovation, style, and purpose. If you resonate with what I have created, then book a time to meet and see how I can help the world see your magic. I live in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia, and travel to various cities for shoots if required. However, sometimes I just need content you have already and I reimagine that into something new – so in another country? No problem, half of my clients are from outside Australia. My services start from $250 for a branding session and $800 per month for content. So money or time won’t be a problem, you just have to be willing to be visible!

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Logos | Websites | Services

I LOVE branding – it’s all about YOUR why. Uncovering the truth about your message, the problem you solve, and the solution you offer. Branding is much more than that. I say it’s about finding your totem, the essence you call on for your strength and true identity. In the websites below, I have created their logos and designed the layout and look of the entire site.

I have created websites for tech companies, coaches, health and wellbeing practitioners, and spiritual healers. YOU know your business; my job is to take what is in your head and express it digitally. I have had clients cry (a few times) after seeing first drafts. There is something profound about seeing your idea come to life.

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Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

As a brand expert, I know how to tell your story in pictures, videos, and copywriting. After I create a brand and the website, I then create a template to do your OWN social media, OR I will do it for you. I build your month ahead starting with Instagram, and then share that across the other platforms with tweaked copy and images if required. I have been managing clients’ social media accounts for the last 5 years, from retail, coaches, training companies, health, and wellbeing. 

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TV Ads | Social Media | Corporate | Events

As one of the first female ad directors in Australia, I was proud to lead the way for other women. I loved creating stories that inspired and engaged the viewers. My first start in work life was in film and tv. Working at Disney allowed me to learn from the best and leave all the rest! Seeing the change in the format, from 35mm film to using the camera formats, has been so awesome! So much more flexibility and so much more is possible. The quality of the camera makes a difference, of course, but the editing and story. My work gets to the heart of the message & the brand.

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Personal & Business Branding

It’s only after working in branding, do I understand why so many brand experts go on to be personal development coaches. To work in branding is about getting to the essence of your why, and that takes some digging and understanding of people. My strong intuition and insights into a person’s blocks create a solid foundation to open up and move forward with a person’s vision and dream for their career or business. My first session is 90 minutes, and I also provide a written report/debrief on the next steps.
If you are spiritually aware, then we can work with the Alchemy part of my offering. I pride myself on the ability to balance practical and spiritual solutions. After working as head of broadcasting for Australia’s largest bank and witnessing so much, I now have more understanding of the mistakes and successes. My Mediumship taps into the solutions and creates pathways enabling me to use those in the practical.

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Love from my clients - all that matters

I have been blessed to work with some amazing clients, who I now call most of them good friends. My approach is unusual because I bring in spirituality, but it’s woven with the practical. Being head of broadcast for CBA, I learnt the ‘what you need’, and my spiritual healings underpin ‘quietly’ my ability to clear unseen blocks. 

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Living my purpose with my own brands

Nothing makes me more connected to the digital world and the current marketing and branding solutions than running my purpose-driven brand – MRS V® & AGERICH®. Both brands offers age-positive solutions via my alchemy sessions, workshops, products, magazine, podcast, and soon to open a studio membership with a courses platform. Nothing helps you understand a client’s needs more than when you do it yourself.

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If you like my vibe, my ‘why’ and the feel of the work I do but are still not sure – that’s okay. So happy to have a quick chat to see if I can help you. The reason why you come to me is because you don’t have the answer.

Looking forward to meeting you.