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How it Works

This special crystal candle has the beautiful Rose Quartz, the ‘love’ stone and it also fused with the energy of bringing your desired loved to you. All you have to do is follow the steps below…

Carve your initials in the top of the candle and put a heart with a plus (+) sign next to it or underneath. If there’s a person you want to connect more with romantically, then put there initials after the (+) sign. Then in the moonlight, set aside some time alone to set your love spell. Light the candle in the moonlight, and do these steps:

1. Take 3 deep breathes to connect to the cosmos and the earth
2. Feel the strength of the moon and feel it bathe you and the candle
3. Create the intention by saying:

With this love spell and crystal candle rose,
I light the spark of love to find my betrothed.
May this love be pure and full of light
And fill my heart each day and night.
I ask the cosmos and mother earth to weave
and make, that which no one can ever take,
A love so true and committed to me,
that we will be connected for eternity.


I now confirm my intention to bring my soulmate (or persons name) into my life and that this person will only be in my life if it is only for my highest good.

So be it.


4. Then close your eyes and imagine how you would feel with your loved one for a few minutes. Then say THANK YOU.

What is SUPER important is to let go, the more attached you are to them or any idea of them, you will push them away. The intentions above along with the spell will expedite the outcome and give it best opportunity to come to fruition. We have to remember, the universe knows what’s best for you and is ultimately in control! So if they don’t come to you right now, trust the process and that which is meant to be will happen. Love and sparkle xo




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