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If you're feeling challenged right now and don't know how to move forward, I understand how life can make you feel trapped and heavy. Through my transformation techniques, I will help you reframe your challenges to opportunity, growth and freedom.

If you are feeling stuck, you are having more conflict in your life, challenges are coming thick and fast, can’t sleep and that job you’ve been happily doing, along with the relationship that’s been coasting along is just, not, working. Well, let me tell you a little secret, you’ve just received a wake up call from the universe and you are ready for a radical transformation.

Hi, I’m Scarlett Vespa aka ‘Mrs V’ and I’m a Spiritual Guide, Healer & Artist. Today’s world has completely changed and there is no hiding and no escaping from your destiny. You know there is something going on and so trusting that feeling, that voice that is saying something needs to change is right.

I had my own wake up call 10 years ago.

I lost everything I had and found everything I am… 

It was a radical transformation I am truly grateful for. I was pushed off a cliff and in the jump I let go of all the baggage and weight I was carrying around all my life, found my wings and finally true freedom.



Mrs V not only is an authority in what she does, but she inspires and authentically connect sto everyone in the room. Her unique skills to uplift the energy of the room and create a transformational experience for every participant, will leave them wanting more.

Her topics vary from personal brand, overcoming challenges, ageism, and how live your best self at work is just a few that she covers.

Keynote Topics:

Personal Branding

Overcoming Challenges

How to Live Your Best Self

Future Proofing Your Career

Embracing Change

Transform You

For any Media appearances and Public Relations Enquiries, Ambassadorships, Talent engagements or Speaking appearances bookings contact note that Scarlett s also represented by Silver Fox Management and Saxton Speakers Bureau & ICMI


Ready to breakthrough to an unstoppable you? I’m here to shift you from disempowered to empowered.

I’ll take you from feeling stuck to feeling free and show that in fact, you have had the power ALL along!

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she had the ability to control her destiny all along, she was so busy looking outside of herself, she didn’t realise she could go home at any time. However, her journey led her to meeting the lion (her heart), tin man (her body) and scare crow (her mind) – Dorothy discovered the truth through facing her fears, embracing all aspects of herself and never giving up hope on her quest to get home.

This year we will be launching an EVENT in 2024 that will be something truly magical for those who attend and a long held dream of Mrs V to bring it to life. Workshops will also be commencing to help you set goals that resonate truly with with your souls purpose, tap into your intuition, feel empowered to build a life you love.

If you would like to stay updated about dates for the event, please sign up below.




Mrs V extensive background in Directing and Producing in Film, TV and Advertising makes her guidance in branding, marketing and social media extremely powerful. Working with large corporates and entrepreneurs gives Scarlett a unique insight into creating impactful brands and their assets. Her ability to see more deeply than most into a business, it's founder and purpose is life changing for all who work with her.