Product Brochure

Be Part of the AGERICH Story.

Looking for retail brands to be advocates in helping women feel confident about themselves, at any age. To know that ageism can be overcome by rewriting the narrative of ageism and getting the support to embrace and love the age you’re in.


Not everyone is right as an ambassador, and if you are reading this, it means that I believe YOU and your store hold the same values and beliefs I have and would be honoured to be in your store.

Your order can be small or large, I am flexible in the arrangement as the brand is new and growing and we hope to grow with. you.

If you do decide to be part of the AGERICH story, we would include you in our social media campaign which could be shooting content in your shop, an interview with your team or founder. We want to be collaborate in the relationship and support your vision as much as you will be supporting ours.


Any questions, please reach out to myself or our PR/Communications Director, Fiona Keough.

Love & sparkle, Scarlett

Scarlett Vespa 0488 681 681 or
Fiona Keogh 0408 782 777