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The AGERICH™ Program

Shine at any age!


time to shine!

No more hiding and no more excuses. This is where you discover your inner alchemist and create the ultimate dream life.

Let’s start your MAKEOVER!

time to shine

Are you ready to shine so brightly people will not be able to ignore who you are?

How would it feel to have access to a library of tools to continually grow your business?

What would it be like to have everything you need to build an authentic personal brand?

Do you want to feel confident & on purpose with every decision you make?

The 7 Week AGERICH Program includes:

2 x Alchemy Sessions

These 1:1 sessions are the foundation of the program. We fully immerse into your goals & current challenges. 

5 x Group  Sessions

This is where you uncover your purpose, learn how to manifest & create an authentic personal brand.

‘Truth of You’ Workshop

We will discover the real you with Mrs V’s unique process that will reframe how you see your career path.

Access to the AGERICH Studio

Access to step by step courses to build a business, over 50 templates to do your marketing and PR.

Content Creation @ Shoot Day

We film content in the studio with Mrs V directing you to create content for your personal brand. 

Reframing YOU

We conduct a self audit in order to match the outer goals intentions to the hidden inner goals. This Career & Business evaluation paralleled with personal life experiences, milestones and learnings (lived remedies discovered) reveals how you see yourself and how others see you.

FutureProof Yourself

We deep dive into the new world landscape for career and business and how to work with these aspects to propel, not block. We reveal the current energies in Astrology and Numerology and how to integrate this knowledge into your life to support your career and/or business.

Personal Brand

As ex. Head of Broadcast for CBA and running my own Brand and Digital Marketing Agency today, branding is a passion and I will give you all the tools and processes you need to start your business or to be an influencer. You’ll have access to my studio library of content, courses and community.


I have been directing TV Ads for over 20 years, working with Disney and the likes of Nicole Kidman, Jack Thompson and directing MeatLoaf and Jen Hawkins. In this part of the program I will teach you how to be in front of camera, choose your camera angles, your story style and technical requirements.

Makeover Reveal

Here we showcase your brand, share your taglines and video and graphic content with the group. It’s an exciting part of the program because you have the map, the tools and a new way of looking at who you are and where you are going. You will also meet a community that will support you on your journey, including Mrs V’s network.
gift by mrs v

What’s your superpower?

Each one of us is completely different. We are made up of our body, mind and spirit and when you know already that there is only one soul like you, you then add in your experiences, your point of view and your lived remedy – YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE.

As an alchemist, you will forge ALL parts of yourself in a way that allows you to embrace the light and the dark so there is finally balance. We all deserve and are meant for success. What is your success? This is the question we pose and reshape during the program, until we smile with a deep understanding of our truth.

Now that’s a superpower!

Still not sure?

If something is resonating but still not sure, then I’d love to speak with you about it, just book a 15 min chat and I can answer all your questions AND if you are pumped, excited and ready to go, then book below!

Once you book, things start changing immediately…

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Ready to make 2022 your year to shine?

The AGERICH Program is Waiting For You

If you are ready to make 2022 your year of transformation, then secure your spot now as this program has limited spots available.

– STARTS 21.2.23

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