Property Clearing

BY mrs v 


Ensuring the Best Energy in your Home or Office by Removing Negative impacts and Influences

When moving into a new home I have always had my place cleared on my levels, particularly the energy and your connection to it. There are many different modalities that can help and I have had them all, which is why I now do my own because I see what works and doesn’t.

How do you know you need it? (Ask this and think of your home OR office)
– Re-occurring problems and challenges
– Something not right since you moved into a new home, more challenges than normal
– Can’t sleep or sleep is broken and/or lots of exhausting dreams
– Health has become worse after moving into your new property
– Feeling drained emotionally, physically or financially!

How Does an Property Clearing Work?

by MRS V

Step One | Book & Fill In Form with the map of the home, address, birthdates and names of all who will be living there.
Book your Session & fill in your pre-session information. The Alchemy and the process starts to take place.

Step Two | The pre-session 
This is where I spend up to an hour working on you and the property. I will gather readings and information, start the clearing process to be ready for our session.

Step Three | The Session with Mrs V
The 60-90 minute session can be held via zoom or in person. This session is working with the various modalities I use to clear and gain insights into the connection you have with the property, your current blocks that may influence things and then we move them out and set the positive intention and flow in the house. This is done with a map of the house and crystals and other various items placed in positions to support and aid the clearing now and in the future for protection. You will then keep this map and crystals and if in another country, I will instruct you where to place them on the map.

Please note that I don’t have to go to the house, in fact it’s better if I do it with a map and picture.

Note: The first session can run to 90 minutes, so please allow an additional 30 mins. Also if it’s about business or career, you can claim on your business account if appropriate. Price below excludes GST.