Re-Story Practice



Re story Your Life

by Teresa brett

Re-Story your life with Teresa Brett’s Mind, Body & Soul Reset Practices 
In 3 minutes or less!
Reset Practice 
Elevate your frequency with Magic Carpet Time – 30 secs
Imagine your sitting on a magic carpet and riding along going for what you want and feeling terriffic 
And then….…that inner voice pops up and says something to lower your vibration 
Example , I don’t have the skills , this is to hard , I feel jealous, to tired  etc 
This instantly lowers your vibration and leaks  energy!
What for?
To keep you empowered , going for what you want, to rewire new supportive dialogue and neural pathways, release old familiar unsupportive habits and importantly to keep you in high vibration to enhance the probability and possibility of magnetising what you want
Make a mental note when you wake everyday to commit to the visualisation of catching yourself flipping upside down on your magic carpet everytime you dialogue with yourself in a disempowering lower vibrational way.
Give yourself 10 seconds to flip yourself back up on your magic carpet and replace the dialogue with  constructive and commitment to positive transformation language 
Reset Practice 
Flush out your Undermining Beliefs Time – 1 min 
What for? 
If you have an old story triggering  thoughts or emotions undermining your goals and lowering your frequency such as 
I’m not good enough , I don’t have the energy for it, When things get hard I default into old patterns
I’m lack lustre , I’m not smart enough I just feel stuck and keep giving up , There’s not enough time 
You may notice emotions like anger , resentment , frustration , guilt , shame , anxiousness , jealously , dispair that connect with the old story 
Always sit in a safe place where you can close your eyes and do not operate any machinery
Step 1 
Engage in a few deep slow breathes 
Step 2 
Pick one disempowering and undermining thought, feeling or belief 
Step 3
Imagine your looking in at yourself and scan your body to find where the energy of the underming thought or feeling maybe sitting. Do this  by noticing where you feel tension , stuck , dark colour ,uncomfortable  or perhaps it’s something else for you
Step 4 
Once you’ve identified where it is for you,  simply  just honor and notice for a moment – 20 secs. Avoid the what , why & how 
Step 5 
Imagine crystal clear water flushing in through the crown chakra to where you’ve observed the murky emotionally  damming undermining thought or belief 
Enjoy seeing it being flushed out and cleansed. Keep it Simple 
Step 6 
Imagine filling the area you’ve cleared with the a belief which supports your goal 
Example; I’m not good enough is flushed out and cleared and replaced with, I am enough