Alchemy Session


Your Guide to Abundance, Love & Freedom

Thank you for allowing me to co-create a transformation with you. The fact you have booked in with me, tells me you are ready to receive powerful guidance and healing, to see a new path and fresh perspective on your life and/or situation. Whatever you are seeking, you are all on the path to a higher vibration and transformation.

There are a few simple processes I do with you so I can get a sense of what the blocks and resistance may be. We then identify the most powerful pathway for you to take. As you share things, information will come through and I relay that through my mediumship and guidance skills. To start, you will be answering a few questions which is at the bottom of this page via the black button marked PRE-SESSION QUESTIONS, please email these back prior to the session, preferably 3 days prior to allow the transformation to start.

Who am I?

My background in film, tv and advertising merged with my lifetime passion in personal development and spirituality – it played out like a ‘Shazam’ moment during a psychic reading in 2016. My purpose is to help people find THEIR purpose by revealing the benefit of the shadow and light in the person’s life. I am a born empath and get messages through visions, feelings and a knowing of the truth. I can see blocks that hold people back and am able to reroute the pathway to success physically and energetically. 

My corporate experience is that I was head of broadcast for CBA and became one of the first female ad directors in Australia, proving that anything is possible for a woman to achieve. Today I also help individuals start a business through my Alchemy for Business package, with branding, logo, website, video, stills, social media and all business requirements. I am a one-stop-shop to set up your business fully supported energetically. The energy I thread for you in what I create gives you the best chance of success and to support you on the journey, after all – our business and career is the modern day rite of passage. 

My other love is AGERICH Shop, to help further support you with Remedy Kits and other beautiful items to make you feel and look good. My Alchemy Sessions are for both men and women of any age, because until we learn to embrace all aspects of self (female and male energies), we will never love fully. 


Scarlett Vespa aka ‘MRS V’
The Alchemist, Guide and Healer

Abundant Mindset


That’s the work, stopping and regrouping, stopping and looking at what you ARE thinking. Are you locked into a pattern of reactive vs proactive, it’s so important to be fully conscious about what YOU do. Why? Because it’s lays a pathway to your tomorrow. We pay attention here to your thought patterns, what you really want to achieve and we clear old blocks to allow for the new to be realised.

Body Love

Our body is the aspect of self that expresses the physical story of what we have in our minds and hearts. It is the middle part of the process because it acts like a conduit to both sides of self and allows us to feel, see and understand hidden truths. We feel the flow and the resistance. We are able to connect with our heart and soul and see the reflection of our own being in those we are in relationship with. If we cannot love ourselves, how can another love us. We give space and raise the frequency to the physical and allow the body to FEEL LOVE.

Free Spirit

Our spirit is the foundation in which all else flows through. It holds the key to understanding your purpose, your tools for life and brings things together to create our ‘magic’. To truly find success, you have to understand the release of attachment to it and experience how the spiritual self is richer than any material gain. Then, success is assured. This alchemy of mind, body, spirit brings a sense of wholeness, less pressure and greater tools to create a life you love.

Prior to our session, if you could answer the questions in this form for me to see before we meet. You can’t get anything wrong, it just allows me to tune in prior so as to enrich the process. If you don’t have time, no pressure – I offer it as a way to give you the opportunity to share more with me. 

At the session, please bring a piece of A4 paper to draw on with a pen or pencil. Please wear something comfortable and be in a place you won’t be disturbed, don’t wear a hat and grab a glass of water for you to have during the session.

I look forward to our Alchemy Session! 

Love and sparkle, MRS V.