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How Healing and Coaching Work Together

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How Healing and Coaching Work Together

The goal of coaching is to bring about positive change and hopefully result in a highly motivated individual. Every coach should have this in mind. Coaching is taking time to sit down and discuss current performance and focus. Most employees dread when they are called in for an evaluation. Often this is because coaching has often been remiss, and employees are left to ponder on their performance. Coaching is crucial in the workplace and for oneself. This is the best tool handy to maximise potential and result in positive performance.

Coaching acts as a pre-emptive measure. It is supposed to make us realise what we are doing correctly and sustain that behaviour. It is also supposed to show us the current focus and help us achieve active steps to get these goals. Looking at our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities can be that eye-opener so that our time is well spent on activities that yield positive results. It is important to be mindful of how our day is spent to be more productive.

Coaching is a healing tool. It allows us to see our strengths and weaknesses. It is a healing tool since we can finally address the gaps. Coaching in the workplace between manager and employee builds positive work relationships resulting in retention. Incentives and recognition help with employee retention but so does coaching. A healthy amount of coaching forges positive work relationships which leads to retention. Employees want to know that they are noticed and that the company places an equal priority on their career growth. For this to be evident, a monthly touch base should happen with a set date and time. Even business owners need coaching, coaching helps them realise areas that might have been unattended. Business owners need coaching to be better business managers – relating to people and customers. Coaching for business owners also helps them realise and learn other business strategies they might have not tried.

Coaching works as a healing tool if there is an open mind between the coach and coachee. Coaches should ask important questions and are prepared to listen. They listen to understand rather than listening to respond only. Coaches should come in with a clear goal in mind of ensuring that the coachee becomes an extremely motivated individual. Coaching is not meant to break. Coaching is meant to build. Coaching is meant to realise the positives and negatives. It is a preventive measure to avoid eventual problems. Coaching prepares us for what might eventually happen if certain areas do not get addressed. Coaching helps bring the focus back to goals.

For coaching to work, goals should be clear. Goals set should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timebound. These are called SMART goals. Coaching should include action plans on how they can be achieved. Milestones for skills and achievement should be noted. Attention to detail, specific to tasks and skills learned through goal attainment helps us understand and sustain positive behaviour.

Healing and coaching work together since once we have a clear picture of our strengths and weaknesses, we can start working on and healing these outliers. The goal of coaching is to transform and maximise our potential. Getting a coach can help you reach your goals faster. It will also make you a better coach in the future.

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