The Day Makeover

The Day Makeover


the alchemist

Are you ready to value ALL of you and unlock your personal remedy to success?

This is the time to fully own who you are, where you have been, the wisdom you have learnt and the experience and skills you have gained. You now need to step into your purpose and own your journey to build your personal brand a vision and life that you love. 

You have all the ingredients to forge success in the shape and form you desire. We are all alchemists as the diversity of our life and our soul creates something unique and precious.

The Day Makeover @ The Southern Highlands with Mrs V is now available with limited times and dates. It is by application* and this is just done with a 15 min chat (link below) to ensure that you are ready and Mrs V feels she can deliver the transformation.

How does it work? You can experience The Day Makeover one on one or with a group (a maximum of 4 people). You would arrive at mid to late morning and stay until mid afternoon. There is a selection of AirBnB or hotels you can stay at before or after the Makeover, this is discussed at the 15 min application chat to determine what is best for the individual or the group.

How long does it take? It is approximately 3-5 hours depending on the individual requirements. It starts mid to late morning and completes around 3-4pm in the afternoon.

What happens in The Day Makeover? The day starts with a meditation and cleansing process, we then have a debrief of current life challenges which is followed by lunch. After lunch Mrs V does a healing process followed by an alchemy session with a plan and guidance on how to move forward with your new life (makeover). Then, a personal branding session with content creation using your I-phone to create images and videos with the new messaging to step fully into your new personal brand.

What tools or process are used? Mrs V uses her advanced skills mediumship and channeling information, especially to see people’s blocks. She is now also qualified as a Pleiadian Lightworker to heal and shift past lives and general clearing to move forward with flow. Her 25 years in personal branding, entrepreneurship and career guidance, allows a unique balance of facilitating the spiritual and practical.

Who should apply? If you are feeling stuck generally, whether it’s in your work, career, relationship or health, then this will be of great benefit. Mrs V believes that not one area is isolated and ‘fixed’ it’s often one thing that impacts it all and that is why the core issue is often hidden from us, making the healing process difficult for most.

How much does it cost? The day varies depending on the requirements of the client, so the cost will be between $600 and $3000.

*Why do I have to apply and what do I need to be granted approval? There is nothing about getting it wrong, everything is always in perfect timing. Therefore Mrs V will ensure this is the right time for you, because if it’s not, you’ll be disappointed about the results.


what people say

“To create change, you have to change something. In fact, just ONE thing - what will you change?”