Every day we get up and I don’t know about you, but I have a moment where I think ‘where am I?’ and ‘Who am I’. It’s not the thought that I’m lost, it’s kind of a reboot. This happens pretty much every day for me.


I get up and focus on what I need to do in autopilot, what time is it, bathroom stop, water, move my body. As my life rebuilds itself and memories, thoughts and concepts fill my head bit by bit, I feel the pace pick up and targets start to dot their way before me, setting my day’s journey.


Sometimes my targets are so big, sorry I’ll take that back EVERYDAY my targets are so big that I feel the endless bulleyes lined up. It’s not the pushing from someone else, I am so visual that I can see exactly what I need to do and time see limited.


If you are very task orientated, you’ll resonate with this thought. How to address the ‘never getting it all done’ thought. I have been told spiritually that the road is about the journey and don’t focus on the goals. I totally believe in not goal setting because it does leave you dissatisfied I find and love using targets because it doesn’t have that ‘what if I fail’ feeling. In fact, in my ‘brand shift’ process, I talk about ‘intention’ because THEN time stops and I find myself in the present ‘feeling’ space, my attention goes to what is going on for me and I am able to take my power back, the power is not in the target or goal.


For me, my intention is to do ONE THING on my list that I know I can do and what I want to get done. My body is calm and I feel grounded about what I’m doing now. My intention might be to have a break today, a ‘mental health day’, a ‘me day’ – how good is that, my target has a proactive energy verses reactive. Another intention may be to feel good about what I get done today and note exactly the wins and the learnings.


I love this process, great to do in the morning – try it…


1 | Sit comfortably and breathe in and out a few times and close your eyes

2 | Fill your body up with light and breathe the light in through your heart

3 | Drop your thoughts into your heart area, even place your hand on your heart

4 | Ask yourself – what do I intend for this day? Keep it SIMPLE

5 | Imagine yourself DOING that, truly FEEL what it’s like – use your imagination, see yourself being there or doing what you’d like to be doing

Then, let it go.


We are NEVER meant to get there. Ask yourself ‘Where is that place?’ When you get a home, your soulmate, your health, your money, your… It’s just not true.  The power is always in the moment and as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz is told by the white witch, “You had the power all along my dear to go home”.  So just click your heels, shut your eyes and realise you ARE there, every day, every moment, every breath you are home, because you ARE home.