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5 Tips to Transform into a Better You

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5 Tips to Transform into a Better You

Living in this crazy time most of us have more time to reflect and re-evaluate ourselves. More than ever we know how interconnected we are; however, we also know that only we can control our own actions. As we sit and go over the year that was and the year that will be, this year can be a breakthrough for most of us. Why not use the time to ponder on how we can transform into our better selves? Below are 5 tips to transform into a better you.



1. Evaluate Finances

Re-evaluating finances is a good place to start. Looking at finances is the first place to start. As we ponder over what we would like to be eventually doing and how we see ourselves years from now, your finances are an essential key to take you there. With the extra time we are given, why not start on evaluating where our money goes and how we can stretch that dollar further. With so many of us staying at home we finally get that list going on where the dollar goes and stuff we should cut back on. Finances believe it or not takes center stage on choices we make such as where we live, what clothes can we buy, and the car we drive. Looking and finally taking the time to sit down on this aspect will get us to where exactly we want to be in the future. Looking at finances with a fine-tooth comb can help us save. Save for the rainy day and save for the future. Getting a hold of your finances will be liberating. Getting this aspect in check will dictate how further you can go into your goals and it all starts that with that savings account.


2. De-clutter

After looking at your finances, why not start decluttering. Decluttering frees up space. Space that we would need for ourselves and to breathe. Transform your living space into a live able space. A space that truly caters to you and your personality. It is not uncommon for people to purchase stuff that they do not use and need. Go over items around the house and start creating a pile. Create two piles and label them for donation and to sell. Donating at this time can simply put your mind at ease. The ability to give is a rewarding experience. Other items that you have and no longer need can be for selling. If you wanted to purchase the item in the first place means that someone else might need that item too. Selling them online can help you pay for existing bills or to save, either way, you are helping yourself by getting that space back and earning at the same time.


3. Set Smart Goals

As earlier mentioned, we can only control our actions. Goal setting is the key to success. Imagine having no aims in life; that may lead to an existence without purpose. Our day to day life is meaningless without goals. We all need to understand why we do things and the reason behind it. Set goals to remain optimistic and excited. The goals that you set should be SMART. Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timebound. When you get started on that goal list, you would need to check yourself by placing a due date beside the goal. Placing this holds you accountable for them.


4. Take On A Hobby

After going through the first three steps, why not evaluate what hobby that really interests your and that you can you take on. Time and finances used to be an excuse for not having any. Taking a hobby will be a good way to de-stress and help us focus on the future. Use the extra time to start learning more about the hobby chosen and get started at home. There are a lot of free courses available and now is the time to get started.

5. Use Your Moral Compass and Lith with Integrity

We all have a moral compass we follow, and our core values were formed during our early years. These values guide us when we make decisions. Use your moral compass to make ethically sound choices and live with integrity. Our moral foundation should be present in all aspects of our dealings and living with integrity means that regardless if no one is looking, we will continue to do the right thing. A clear and sound conscience gives better sleep.

As you transform into a better you – start with the basics. Start managing manageable things – finances, time then go on to tackle bigger aspects. A solid foundation lays the way for bigger and better things.

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