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5 Simple Hacks in Handling Stress

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5 Simple Hacks in Handling Stress

Stress is inevitable, especially with the fast-paced lives that we all live. Whether you are a student, an employee, a business owner, or a stay-at-home parent, you are faced with daily challenges which also bring stress. Truly, eliminating stress is virtually impossible. Instead, one should learn how to effectively deal with stress. Here are some simple life hacks that would help in handling stress.


1. Acknowledge what you’re feeling!

Some people may be dealing with a high level of stress in their everyday lives that it has become their norm. They go about their day and do what they usually do without listening to their bodies that it is already overworked and overwhelmed. So, it is important to acknowledge and be able to identify when you are already stressed so you can easily handle and manage your stress level.


2. Start on the outside

When a person is too overworked and stressed out, it can have physical manifestations such as muscle pain, headache, stomach-ache, and the likes. However, people do not realize that this is already the body’s signal to slow down and take it easy. Instead, they take instant relief medicine so they can continue working. This is certainly not an ideal way of handling stress! When stressed out, start on the outside by doing some physical activities such as stretching or simple exercise (check out my other article about this here). Even a 20 to 30-minute workout every day can have a big impact on your body. Instead of indulging in junk food which some of us may do when we’re stressed out, plan your meals with healthy and nutritional food. This will give you fuel to continue and help you handle and manage your stress level. For women, indulge yourself in some pamper time such as haircut or nail service. Or you can arrange for a full body massage.


3. Work yourself going to the inside

Once you’ve taken care of your physical body, it is important that you take a welfare break and give your mind a break! Some people find mindfulness exercised extremely helpful. There are also those who meditate and do yoga. If your work requires you to do high-level mental processes all the time, it is best to take a 10-minute break in between a couple of hours. Listen to music or just simply sit quietly to become more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

4. Talk about your problems

There are some people who readily talk and open up to other people about the problems they are facing. However, if you’re anything like me, telling other people about my problems is stressful in itself! Who, then, can I talk to? You can start a dialogue with yourself. Self-talk is highly encouraged by experts as it allows you to just process what you’re feeling. Sometimes, in the middle of our ramble, we uncover things that we didn’t realise was the root of the problem and help you handle stress. You can do daily affirmations that train your mind to look at things in a more positive light.

5. Reconnect with others

Sometimes, we are so busy and absorbed with our everyday lives that we tend to isolate ourselves and lose touch with others. We lose precious moments that we could be spending with our loved ones and family. It is important to reconnect with them and restore your good relationship as they are your support system. A good support system is one of the best ways to handle stress effectively. Life is stressful. This is a fact that none of us can escape! But we can certainly manage and handle stress effectively by starting with these 5 simple steps. Listen to your body and start taking care of it today!

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