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Basic Online Interview Tips Guaranteed to Get You Hired

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Basic Online Interview Tips Guaranteed to Get You Hired

Many companies nowadays conduct job interviews online. As technology develops, companies can adapt to a convenient way of doing the preliminary screening of applicants. Aside from online job interviews being convenient, it is also cost-effective. A virtual interview cuts the transportation expenses and speeds up the hiring process.


What is an online interview?

It is a type of interview done through online chat audio or video platform. There are also different types of online interviews. There are the traditional question and answer type of interviews, and there’s the filmed one in which the interviewer would give pre-identified interview questions and the job seeker would record themselves answering the questions.

Whether face-to-face or online, interviews, in general, can be nerve-wracking. Read along as we will discuss some pro tips on how you can ace an online interview. We will divide the tips into three sections: before, during, and after the online job interview.


Before the Interview

Preparation is key and is one of the most critical elements for any interview. Technology can be overwhelming. It would be best to ask the interviewer what platform or application you will use for the interview.


1. Test your equipment and internet connection

You might have all the proper equipment for the job interview. A laptop, a tablet, and or phone can be used for the online interview. You should use the most convenient equipment for you. You also have to know which application you will be using for the interview. Once things are all set, it’s a good idea to test your internet connection, your video, and your audio to make sure that everything is working well for your online interview.


2. Choose the perfect spot

Scout the best spot for you to have your online interview. The most ideal location is a secluded room in which you can avoid noise and distraction. The room should also have good lighting to avoid shadows and glares. Declutter and clear your table and things behind you that will show up on the screen. Make sure that your environment would look pleasing and clean to the eyes as you do not want your interviewer to be distracted by visual noise in the room.


3. Get rid of distractions

Aside from decluttering the room you’ll be using for the online interview, it is also advisable to close other applications and programs that could interrupt your interview. Also, don’t forget to put your phone on silent mode.


4. Plan for the unexpected

Technical glitches can happen and you should prepare for that. Make sure you have a backup plan in case your internet connection gets unstable. It would also help if you will tell your interviewer in advance that you will switch devices in case your connection on your laptop or pc has issues.


5. Practice

Whether it is face-to-face or online questioning, the process can be daunting. Make sure to review some usual interview questions and have your answers at the ready. You can also ask a friend or someone to do a mock interview with you.


During the Interview

It’s the day that you’ve been waiting for. Relax, calm your nerves, and get ready to show the interviewer what you got.


1. Dress for the job

Though you aren’t meeting your prospective employer face-to-face, make sure to still dress for the job. First impressions matter and your appearance is key to establishing a good and positive first impression.


2. Last minute preparation

Do a quick run-through at least an hour before your scheduled interview to ensure that everything is fresh in your mind. This will work well in your favour. Review some of the questions and how you’re going to answer them.


3. Be mindful of your non-verbal language

In a face-to-face interview, it is important to show your composure by smiling and establishing eye contact with your interviewer. It’s just the same in an online interview. Even in the online setting, eye contact is vital. Look at the camera directly to show your potential employer that you are focused and engaged. Remember to smile from time to time and when necessary. Smile the way you would during a face-to-face interview.


4. Stay engaged and converse

Make sure to talk! As it is important to practice active listening, you also have to share your thoughts. Speak in a conversational tone and pace as you would in an actual in-person interview.


5. Take out your notes

Aside from preparing your answers to usual job interview questions, it would also be advantageous to have some questions for your interviewer. It would show that you’re really interested in knowing the company more and joining the team. You could ask the interviewer about the job requirements, compensation and benefits, and what they can share about the culture. That way, you would have additional information about the company to consider afterwards.


After the Interview

There you go! You’re doing a good job, so far. But, it’s not the end just yet. Here are some things to remember after your online job interview.


1. Appreciate and thank you

A thank-you note shows your appreciation. In an in-person interview, you would show your appreciation with a firm handshake. In the virtual platform, you can send your interviewer a short thank-you note to show them that you appreciate their time in considering you for the post.


2. Follow-up

If your interviewer provided you with a date for the decision, there is no need to reach out prior to that date. If the date has passed and there’s no feedback given yet, you can send a message to follow up on your job application.

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