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How to best Share your Profile to the world in an Effective way

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How to best Share your Profile to the world in an Effective way

While there are many tried and true methods of generating leads, social media platforms are one of the best ways coaches can promote themselves today. Indeed, social media can allow coaches to establish connections with their target audience much more easily because—let’s face it—everyone’s online these days! As such, social media sites are one avenue where coaches can increase brand awareness by establishing an online presence on these platforms.

While sharing your social media profiles is as simple as clicking the share button, you need to make sure your profile captures the attention of your target audience and improves conversions. If you’re interested in maintaining a strong online presence, read on.

Make Your Profile Look Attractive to Your Target Audience

Your social media profiles are more than just your online business card. Used correctly, these profiles allow prospective clients to get to know you even if you haven’t met in person yet.

Before you start sharing your social media profiles with the world, you need to make sure your target audience notices them in the first place. For this to happen, your profiles must be attractive enough for prospective clients to consider reading through your profile and eventually hiring you after checking out your content. To help you keep your social media profiles relevant and engaging, here are some things you need to do:

1. Include All Relevant Contact and Service Information

Make sure your profile has all the important information clients need that will urge them to contact and hire you. Such information includes your name, location, e-mail address, website URL, profile photo, coaching specialisation and methods, reviews, and more.

2. Update Your Profiles Regularly

It’s not enough to simply upload information to your profile and leave it to gather dust. You also need to make sure all these details are always up to date. Your profile photo, for example, should always be a current one so that clients can quickly recognise you when you meet up in person.

Similarly, you want to update the reviews on your public profiles as often as possible. So, highlight the reviews from your most recent clients to provide social proof of your current and completed projects.

Also, if you change any of your contact information, such as your email address and website URL, they must be reflected on your profile. Otherwise, you might not receive your interested clients’ inquiries, as said inquiries may end up being sent to the wrong addresses.

3. Always Stay on Brand

In terms of choosing what content to post on your social media profiles, always make sure that you stay on brand. This means that, as a specialised coach, you should choose topics that are relevant to your specialisation. If you’re a wellness coach, for example, select topics about improving one’s overall well-being or creating a more balanced life.

Best Practices When Sharing Your Profile

With so much content shared on social media every day, you want to make sure you stand out when you do share social media profiles with the world. Here are some healthy and effective practices you can do when maintaining and sharing your online presence:

1. Be Authentic

In coaching, one of the important things you need to establish with your clients is their trust. If you’re not genuine in your social media interactions, the relationships that you’re forming can suffer. When you’re authentic, your audience relates to you better and connects to you more deeply. It can also help you forge lasting relationships, something you can’t attain if you’re engaging with your audience behind a fake persona.

To reflect authenticity in your online presence, stay true to your values and communicate honestly. Being honest means being real when it comes to your accomplishments, struggles, and intentions.

For example, when you share Facebook profile online, don’t just ask them to check out the link. Instead, present your brand and let them know you’re a specialised coach looking for people who are interested in creating positive changes in their lives. While it can sound like a marketing pitch if you’re not used to promoting yourself, it doesn’t hide the fact that you’re there looking for new clients, and clients will appreciate that you were upfront about your intentions.

Additionally, make sure to engage with your followers online using your real voice instead of replying with what you think they want to hear. And if you make any mistakes, take ownership and apologise respectfully.

2. Maintain Professionalism

While you want to show the audience who you are as a person, you still need to act professionally online. It’s a public domain after all, and anything you post or share will be seen across the globe. So, always think twice about what you’ post. If a certain piece of content or a comment will put your brand in a negative light, don’t do it.

Sharing your social media profiles is a great way to market coaching services. However, you need to be cautious about how you do it. Feel free to follow some of the tips above or experiment with using other methods of promoting yourself. Done properly, sharing your profile can be very effective in netting you some new business opportunities and getting the perfect clients for your coaching services.

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