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How to get great Reviews for your Profile

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How to get great Reviews for your Profile

Many clients check online testimonials or reviews posted on a profile before they hire a coach. They often rely on these reviews to get as much information as they can about a coach, including how they work and other clients’ experiences with them. In most cases, the reviews become the deciding factor as to whether they’ll seek the services of a specific coach.

If you’re a coach who wants to grow your business, you should start putting effort into getting more reviews. Aside from providing a glimpse of the work you do, these reviews can improve your profile’s search rankings. When more people leave positive reviews on your profile, the higher your website will be positioned in search results. This added visibility, in turn, can help in attracting more clients.

However, simple one-line testimonials won’t make an impact on your prospects. Similarly, lengthy text that doesn’t mention any measurable value about your coaching isn’t considered substantial enough.

For reviews to be considered great, they need to describe the measurable results and benefits of collaborating with you. In short, they need to be brief yet meaningful. Although collecting great reviews isn’t an easy feat, there are some things you can do to ensure you will receive them! To learn more about how to get good reviews for your profile, follow these tips.

1. Request for Reviews Right Away

In case you’re thinking of putting off asking clients for reviews, don’t. You need a sense of urgency when it comes to these matters. Otherwise, the window of opportunity will shrink until it’s too late for you to ask for anything at all.

The best time to get online reviews is when a client says something favourable about you. Simply ask them for permission to use what they said about you as a testimonial or review.

Alternatively, another time to request reviews is when you’re wrapping up services for your clients. This way, the information and the benefits they received from you are still fresh in their minds. They’ll be more likely to provide important details about the collaboration and any significant results when creating a testimonial for you.

If your client just achieved a big win while or after working with you, it’s also a great idea to ask for their reviews. Having just experienced such a positive outcome can encourage them to write a stellar review for you, especially if their accomplishment is directly connected to your services.


2. Ask Specific Questions

To get meaningful reviews, it’s not enough to send your clients a general question about what they think of your coaching services. It won’t provide any specific information about how you work or what your clients can potentially gain with your help.

Instead, ask specific questions to guide your clients through the review process. It will also allow them to give more specific details on the different stages of their collaboration with you, including their previous issues and how you were able to support them.

While you can come up with your own sets of questions, here are some examples you can ask your clients and why they can lead to meaningful, insightful answers:


What was happening in your business before you started working with me?

This provides viewers of your profile an idea of how you can assist them. It can also capture the attention of potential clients if they resonate with the situation described in the review.


Have you tried something else to overcome your challenges? If so, how did it go?

By asking this question, you gain insights into your competitors. It also tells prospective clients reading the testimonial how effective your methods are compared to other coaches, which can urge them to hire you right away.


What did you appreciate the most about our collaboration?

This kind of question can get you the positive feedback you want to make your profile more attractive. It also tells you what specific things clients enjoyed most about working with you. It will also let you learn what your strengths are through your client’s eyes, which can be different from what you believe are the current advantages of your service. After that, you can adjust or improve your unique value proposition accordingly when marketing your services.


How would you explain our process to someone who is considering getting a coach?

Many coaching testimonials are missing an essential piece of information: what exactly the person being reviewed does as a coach. Aside from giving you praise for the wonderful work you do, the answer to this question provides people with a clearer picture of what they can expect once they invest in your services. Some people will even go as far as describing your tools, programs, and strategies in great detail.


What specific benefits did you gain from our coaching sessions? What are the changes you experienced after working together?

This is the most important part of any great review. By answering this question, your client can share the benefits of working with you and the positive impact you have contributed to their personal or professional growth.

Great reviews on your profile provide people with insightful information about your coaching services. It can also let prospective clients know what to expect when they collaborate with you. More importantly, it gives you the input you need to improve your business so you can support more people and help them achieve their personal and career goals. So, what are you waiting for? Get Google reviews, social media testimonials, and honest feedback from your clients as soon as possible.

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