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Top 10 Software for Time Management

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Top 10 Software for Time Management

While there are many ways to define productivity, it usually refers to the amount of quality work done over a certain period of time. Whether you’re self-employed or working for an employer, productivity is paramount. For any operation to run smoothly, tasks must be executed promptly and efficiently, making time management an essential part of work.

However, it may be challenging to juggle your daily requirements, especially with heavier or more complex responsibilities. One of the most effective tips for working more productively is to incorporate the right digital software into your work routine. Thanks to technology, it’s possible to create a streamlined workflow that can help you breeze through any task while saving plenty of time.

Indeed, digital applications allow you to create, organise, and share information with the click of a button so that you can focus on the more important things. Want to start optimising your workflow? Manage your time and seize the day with these ten applications:



Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful and multi-purpose software that helps you organise, calculate, and analyse data. You won’t have to do multiple calculations to arrive at a single answer. This is because Excel allows you to input simplified formulas that do all the computations for you, giving you quicker results with less effort. It can also automatically transform your data into accurate graphs and charts with just a few clicks.


Microsoft Power BI

With so much information at your fingertips, it could take days to transform all your business data into something digestible. Speed up this process with Microsoft Power BI, an all-in-one business intelligence platform that gives you in-depth data analysis and visualisations. It connects to different data sources (like Excel) and does most of the analytics work for you. Thanks to these features, you can dedicate more time to making strategic decisions for your business.


Microsoft Word

No workspace is complete without Microsoft Word, one of the most reputable word-processing applications in the market. Thanks to this software, tasks like transcribing, writing, and editing have never been easier. It boasts some amazing features that save you from time-consuming processes, allowing you to instantly create tables, insert photos, convert speech to text, and track changes made to any document with just a few clicks.


Microsoft PowerPoint

While Microsoft Word is great for writing, you’ll need an equally efficient application for your pitches and presentations. With Microsoft Powerpoint, you can create stunning presentations in just a few minutes thanks to its wide range of appealing and easy-to-use themes and templates. Themes also come with matching fonts and text sizing, so you don’t have to spend too much time creating a polished slideshow before your next big meeting.


Microsoft OneNote

Create the best notes and store them all in one place with Microsoft OneNote. It automatically saves your content and syncs it to the cloud so you can focus on actually writing your ideas and to-dos without worrying about losing your data. Attach audio clips, create sketches, rearrange notes, and instantly find what you’re looking for with OneNote’s convenient tagging system. When it comes to finding the perfect software for capturing and recording all your ideas, this digital software is a truly noteworthy option.


Microsoft Outlook

Everyone needs a proper email application for all their formal correspondences. Microsoft Outlook is a cut above the rest when it comes to great time-management features. Rather than waiting for the perfect time to send your emails, you can schedule them using Outlook so that they automatically arrive in your recipient’s inbox at whatever time you desire. The software’s Quick Parts feature saves the email messages that you most frequently send so that you can easily insert them into future emails without typing them from scratch. Thanks to Outlook, you can quickly send professional messages while lessening the time it takes to construct them.


Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a digital platform that keeps track of all your projects and ensures that you (and your team) stay on schedule. Oversee tasks using the best organisational tools—like the Gantt chart and Kanban board—by switching through different views. Easily collaborate with your teammates by sharing your project details through the team dashboard. This application can also generate burndown reports and targets achieved based on the data you input. If you make good use of these features, you’ll always be up to date on your projects.


Microsoft Teams

With the proliferation of remote work, using dependable communication software is a necessity. Microsoft Teams lets you conduct online meetings, screen share presentations, create polls, and manage multiple teams through different chat channels. Have an important message? Teams allows you to save your messages and pin them. This means you don’t have to spend time scrolling through chats just to find the one you’re looking for.


Microsoft OneDrive

Finally, no workspace is complete without a digital cloud software for secure file storage and sharing. OneDrive’s co-author feature lets you and your colleagues work on shared Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents at the same time. If you forgot your laptop at home, you don’t have to spend time going back for it or having to recreate the document from scratch. Instead, you can easily access your files on other devices from wherever you are, thanks to OneDrive’s quick file syncing feature.

Looking for an alternative to Microsoft Project? The application is another useful platform for planning all your projects. Save time by choosing from more than two hundred ready-made organisational templates that are not only functional, but also look amazing. With its accessible drag-and-drop interface, you can jump straight to project planning without having to go through a steep learning curve.


PLUS 3 others we want to share!


Airtable is a great software to use to manage forms, tables, information and you will be able to integrate approval processes and emails to notify yourself.


We use ContentCal in at Mrs V Agency and love it’s range of use, social media, Newsletters, content and articles for other means as well.


New Software 

A new software has just been launched to help manage projects and its the first of its kind in how it manages the content.

The main purpose of these digital tools is to prevent you from spending more time and energy than necessary while you’re working towards your goals. Certain tasks may seem insurmountable or complicated, but with the right technology, they can be done in a matter of minutes. When it comes to staying productive at work, these applications ensure that you work smarter rather than harder.


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