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Four Ways to Survive as a Working Mum

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Four Ways to Survive as a Working Mum

Are you feeling drained and exhausted? Being a working mum is very challenging. It may drain and take its toll on you if balance is not met. But having sanity savings tips can help you overcome stress and frustrations. Let me encourage you by sharing four ways to survive as a working mum:


1. Make a List

Juggling work and home will require a lot of memory work. To make sure you do not miss out on any from your to-do list, keep a record of it. Have separate lists for groceries, bills, children’s needs, house care, miscellaneous tasks, and even important events. Keeping this list on your phone or a notebook in your bag will give you easy access to your list should you remember some tasks that you need to accomplish. Keeping a record will also keep you organised and ready for the days to come. The act of writing things down will help you remember them.

2. Develop a routine 

Having a daily habit will keep you on schedule with the important stuff that you need to accomplish each day. This will also help your family to develop a daily rhythm. It starts the night before your day begins. From sleeping early, waking up on time, eating breakfast, taking a bath, going to work and school. Making sure that your morning starts smoothly will help you have a great start on your day. You can also have a set schedule for you and your family. Add an afternoon routine like art activities, sports, and chores. Remember to also have a bedtime routine like reading books, a time to relax and it’s very important to get a good night’s sleep.

3. Get organised

Invest time in planning when and what to do. This is a strategic way to keep balanced with work and home. From laundry, cleaning the home and meal plans, these are also essentials to include in your planning time. Keep in mind that organisation is the key and no matter how busy your schedule is, always make time for you to plan the days. Keeping a calendar for everyone to see is a good strategy to keep everyone informed on upcoming plans and activities. It will also help you to keep everyone on board and work together as a team. Apart from making plans, make sure also that stuff in your house has their own home that everyone knows. Like keys will go in its container, books have their own shelves and toys have their own boxes. This will allow you to minimise the mess and maximise everyone’s cooperation.

4. Make time for your family and for your own “me time” 

With all the daily grind and busyness of life, it is essential that you set aside family time. It can be just having a pizza night, or game time, or sports activities. It will help your family to have the bonding moments, quality time and love that each member needs. These are key steps in building memories. It will also make everyone excited and look forward to something special that the family can share together. Remember also to carve out time for yourself. If you get drained and unhappy, everyone is affected. As a mum, you set the temperature at home. It is necessary that you take time out and recharge for the days to come. This will help you regain strength and be at your best.

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