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What Does It Take to Become a Conscious Entrepreneur?

What Does It Take to Become a Conscious Entrepreneur?

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What Does It Take to Become a Conscious Entrepreneur?

A growing body of experts is studying this idea of a conscious entrepreneur, and their findings yield this is a person of some extraordinary character. Such an entrepreneur is someone who uses more than just pure business acumen to guide their leadership, a conscious entrepreneur’s level of atonement with themselves, the outside world, and the powers that be, is starting to change how businesses do things—and all for the better.

This article will introduce the conscious entrepreneur’s guiding philosophy. It will also argue for why conscious entrepreneurs are important in today’s world. If any of these insights appeal to you, then you just might have the makings of a conscious entrepreneur.

What Makes for a Conscious Entrepreneur?

Let’s open with a question: what is a conscious entrepreneur actually conscious of? What are the aspects of greater awareness that set them apart from unmotivated, unremarkable, or solely profit-driven business leaders?

It comes down to greater consciousness of 5 things: the self, the other, the community, one’s ideals, and one’s belief in a higher power. Here is my brief examination of each of these aspects.


1. Consciousness of the self.

You’ll be surprised at how often one’s sense of self is left by the wayside when it comes to entrepreneurial work. Often, once they entrenched in their leadership role in a business, leaders usually focus all their perspective on the work at hand, and leave little room to examine themselves. In contrast, the conscious entrepreneur has a keen awareness of their character, their initial biases, and their motivations in doing the work that they do. It gives them realistic ideas of their limits, their potential, and their opportunities for personal growth within their type of work.


2. Consciousness of the other.

Society has a stereotype for the entrepreneur that, sadly enough, is often true. The cookie-cutter entrepreneur is egotistical, preoccupied with their own way of doing, and unwilling to accept another’s perspective in steering the business. To behave otherwise could be viewed as a weakness in some circles. But a truly conscious entrepreneur is in touch with the people they work with (employees, partners) plus the people they impact (customers, beneficiaries), and they make a concerted effort to learn, engage, and grow the business with them.


3. Consciousness of community.

The conscious entrepreneur is also highly aware of the context that shapes their business endeavours. This includes their home community’s culture, tradition, and the unique nature of their society. This awareness fosters a twofold conviction to serving the community: preserving what’s important and changing the things that don’t work anymore.


4. Consciousness of ideals.

Part of the conscious entrepreneur’s rulebook is their guiding principles. To them, profit isn’t the only thing that matters—better workplace practices, workplace ethics, lifestyle, better health, or better care of the environment is important, too.

5. Consciousness of a higher power.

This fifth item is optional, but it is often essential to those who believe in it. Sometimes, it helps when an entrepreneur sees their work as part of a divine purpose—and that the effort that they put into their performance will count outside of the corporeal world.


6 Things a Conscious Entrepreneur Can Bring to the Table

Now that you know what qualities a conscious entrepreneur has, the next logical question is: how do these qualities translate in real life? To answer that question, here are 6 unique things that a conscious entrepreneur will likely offer their business.


1. Vision.

Conscious entrepreneurs have attained the gift of dreaming big, and those dreams will reflect in their vision for the business. This type of leader may transform the company’s work into something that leaves a lasting legacy, not just temporal profits.


2. Passion.

Not only is a conscious entrepreneur comfortable in their own skin, but their motivation is infectious, and they’ll inspire others around them to work with the same drive.


3. Creativity.

An entrepreneur of this variety is always on the prowl for new ways of doing things. They’ll get others to think out of the box with them, and in the process unlock wonderful new possibilities for the business.


4. Courage.

The conscious entrepreneur won’t settle for what is easy or ordinary. They’ll fight for the methods that will truly make a difference for the business and the common good, even if it means veering away from the beaten path.


5. Resilience.

Few conscious entrepreneurs have a perfect track record in their business dealings. But they do have the wisdom to acknowledge failure, to learn from it, and to persevere in their goals regardless of it.

Lastly, the conscious entrepreneur knows that they can’t achieve anything alone. They’ll foster the right attitudes in dealing with others, and seek to keep company with like-minded people. They’ll treat every person in the business with high value, and they’ll see their own success as a victory for the wider community.


Do You Have What It Takes to be a Conscious Entrepreneur?

Now that you know what conscious entrepreneurship entails, and why it’s changing the business world for the better, are you ready to rise up to the challenge? Conscious entrepreneurship is a lifelong process that requires hard work, self-reflection, and a desire to do things differently. But once you’ve mastered this approach, you too can become an extraordinary business leader!

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